New York City lures entrepreneurs with new public Wi-Fi networks

To better cater for those in business, Major Bloomberg is launching a number of free, public Wi-Fi networks across New York City.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

New York City Major Bloomberg hopes that bringing free, public Wi-Fi networks to neighborhoods across the five boroughs in the Big Apple will prove an enticing lure for entrepreneurs.

Mayor Bloomberg announced the scheme on Monday, saying that by December, the public will be able to use the new networks in commercial districts.

Free public Wi-Fi will be launched in Brooklyn along the Fulton Street corridor, BAM Cultural District, Brownsville, and Downtown Brooklyn. In Manhattan, the network will be launched in the Flatiron District, along the Water Street Corridor and the East River waterfront in Lower Manhattan, the 125th Street corridor in Harlem and on Roosevelt Island. Free Wi-Fi will also be available in Queens and in the Bronx, as well as other areas citywide.

The announcement marks the launch of WiredNYC, a rating platform that evaluates the broadband connectivity and infrastructure of office buildings.

"If New York City is going remain competitive in the global economy, we must find ways to support the entrepreneurs who are driving technological advances and creating jobs," said Mayor Bloomberg.

"With these new initiatives, we are making targeted investments to improve our city's wireless infrastructure and expand Internet access. We're also measuring how connected our city’s buildings are and sharing that information, so that entrepreneurs are empowered to make the best decisions about where to open a business."

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