News Focus: Examining Vista--inside and out

We've produced several photo galleries and videos to give you a taste of the many, many new programs that Windows Vista brings to your desktop.
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As Microsoft prepared its many versions of Windows Vista, we've developed several photo galleries and videos to give you a taste of what Windows Vista can--and can't--do while running your PC. Take a look at what could be on your desktop of the future. Plus, see the ZDNet Blog Focus for all the blogs about Windows Vista.

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Photos: Vista's Big Apple launch

Here are a few scenes from the Windows Vista launch in New York on January 29-30. Steve Ballmer and some protestors make it fun.

Screen shots: Windows Vista killer features

Despite many naysayers there's plenty to cheer about in Windows Vista. Is it good enough to switch?

Photos: What's in the Vista swag bag?s

Attendees of the launch event get Vista Ultimate, Office 2007, an Xbox 360 controller and a Games for Windows title.

Photos: An aerial dance for Vista

In a promotion for Vista, aerial dancers hang off a New York building and form the logos for Vista and Office 2007.

Experts: How to avoid Vista 'gotchas'

Nine Windows experts share advice on "gotchas" of which Vista users should be aware.

Handing out the Vista 'goods'

A collection of Vista DVDs, from Longhorn to the present, handed out to developers in the last few years.

Tweaks, tricks, and hacks to make Windows Vista fly

Here are a bunch of tweaks, tricks, and hacks you can apply to Microsoft Windows Vista to make it run like a champion and perform to your particular specifications.

Vista's Power Plans and hybrid sleep mode

To save power on your computer, Windows Vista provides you with a Web page-like interface, which allows you to select and configure power plans.

Cutting down on pop ups

With each Windows Vista revision, Microsoft honed UAC to keep it on target and now UAC only monitors critical operations and is very user friendly.

Images: Developers take advantage of Vista

A host of new applications are drawing on technologies that are built in to Windows Vista.

Images: Yahoo spruces up instant messaging for Vista

Yahoo is adding some new features to its IM client for Vista, including tabbed windows and integration with its fantasy sports groups.

Configuring a Dual Desktop Display in Windows Vista

Learn how to configure a dual desktop display in Windows Vista.

10 tips and tweaks for Vista experts

Check out these 10 expert tweaks for Windows Vista RC2. No beginner-level stuff here.

Make Windows XP look like Windows Vista ... sort of!

How you can make Windows XP look like Windows Vista using Vista Transformation Pack 5.5. The best part - it's free!

Windows Vista Transformation Pack

The Windows Vista Tranformation Pack transforms Windows XP into Windows Vista visually..


Bill Gates on the Vista launch

Bill Gates on the Vista launch

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates speaks with CNET News.com's Ina Fried in New York about the long-awaited launch of Windows Vista.

IIS7 in Windows Vista

IIS7 in Windows Vista

Asli Bilgin, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft, explains the benefits of working with IIS7 in Windows Vista.


Jim Allchin and his Windows legacy

Reporters assess the Allchin legacy on a special edition of the News.com Reporters' Roundtable.

Tricked out OQO now runs Vista

Tricked out OQO now runs Vista

David Berlind talks to OQO CEO Jory Bell about his company's latest ultra mobile PC.

Sling on your Palm

Sling on your Palm, flashy new features for Vista

Jamie Odell, vice president of product marketing at Sling Media, talks about the release of Sling for the Palm OS.

Never-seen-before Vista features

Never-seen-before Vista features

From CES 2007: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates lets product manager Justin Hutchinson take the floor to show off flashy new features, including a moving desktop.

HP, Microsoft to sell harder to businesses

HP, Microsoft to sell harder to businesses

The PC maker and the software giant share 20,000 enterprise customers. The stepping-up of their partnership could enable Microsoft to compete better with IBM.

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