News Roundup: Attack on America

Terrorist attacks on World Trade Centre and Pentagon have far-reaching implications for technology
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor
Hackers strike at Islamic Web sites
Tuesday 18th September Outraged at last Tuesday's events, so-called 'patriot hackers' have begun a campaign against Web sites belonging to the governments of Islamic states Attacks silence privacy concerns
Tuesday 18th September The balance shifts in the ongoing tug of war between privacy rights and national security as last Tuesday's attacks in New York and Washington lend weight to calls for government eavesdropping to be stepped up UK police ask for traffic data from ISPs
Monday 17th September The National Hi-Tech Crime Unit has asked ISPs to retain communications data for the next month, to aid the US terrorist investigations Networks boost security against attacks
Monday 17th September Cyberterrorism is a very real threat, firms are warned - the FBI is advising increased security on networks Hackers split over vigilante strikes
Monday 17th September The hacker community wrangles over its response to the attacks in New York and Washington, as one group calls for strikes against Palestinian and Afghani Web sites and another calls for calm US officials order e-ticketing restrictions
Friday 14th September Ticketless travel has been catching on, but now much of its convenience will disappear Online crooks exploit WTC disaster
Friday 14th September Consumer watchdogs warn that con artists are concocting online frauds to profit from the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Web channels cash to disaster zone
Thursday 13th September Several Web sites are helping people donate money to the victims of Tuesday's attack, boosting online donations to their highest ever level EBay bans World Trade Center items
Thursday 13th September Items relating to Tuesday's devastation have been removed from the eBay auction site until 1 October Airport security technology under scrutiny
Thursday 13th September High-tech systems like face recognition or fingerprint scanning may become part of the airport security of the future Computer recovery companies go to work
Thursday 13th September Companies affected by the attacks in New York and Washington D.C. turn to disaster-recovery companies in order to get back online FBI taps ISPs in hunt for attackers
Thursday 13th September The investigation into the attacks moves online as US investigators try to find clues about the organisation behind Tuesday's events Tech giants scramble to track down workers
Thursday 13th September Technology companies are among those working to find out whether any of their employees were affected by Tuesday's attacks in the US Online businesses feel impact of attack
Thursday 13th September Travel sites are particularly affected as flights are grounded, and the signs are that consumers are cutting back on spending Amazon, Yahoo! take Red Cross donations
Wednesday 12th September Web sites allowing donations to the American Red Cross in the aftermath of the attacks in the US Web acts as hub for info on attacks
Wednesday 12th September Web sites are set up for reports, information and support following the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon Microsoft president will proceed with Asian visit
Wednesday 12th September Rick Belluzzo to open an XML Web services centre in Singapore and tour other areas of Asia Forbes Global CEO forum to proceed
Wednesday 12th September Conference is to go ahead, depending on the restrictions on international travel to and from the US Lotus cancels London conference
Wednesday 12th September Following Tuesday's events in the US, Lotus has decided to cancel its Global Government Forum. Networld+Interop is also affected Sydney and London call centres take calls for Veritas
Wednesday 12th September Software storage company keeps support lines open through Sydney and London call centres Net offers lifeline amid tragedy
Wednesday 12th September Email, chat services and instant messaging provide a way of contacting people after many phone lines fail State Department technology under the spotlight
Wednesday 12th September Security technology is still outdated, despite a long-standing mandate for change Verizon opens Manhattan payphones to free calls
Wednesday 12th September Four thousands payphones opened up on city streets as cell-phone networks fail Internet reels after World Trade Centre crashes
Tuesday 11th September News Web sites can't cope in the aftermath of the tragedy as Internet traffic between Europe and the US rises by a factor of 40 Planes crash into World Trade Centre
Tuesday 11th September Horrendous plane crashes in New York leave the World Trade Centre burning Click for more in-depth coverage at the ZDNet UK News Specials page.
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