News Roundup: Dialling up mobile phone viruses

As wireless devices grow more sophisticated, they are becoming more vulnerable
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

The new 'Timofonica' computer virus spams mobile phones with text messages, and has re-awakened fears about security on wireless devices. ZDNet UK News brings you the latest news and analysis.


  • Timofonica virus 'blown out of proportion' -- Thu, 08th Jun 2000
  • Mobile phone viruses could be a real threat, say the UK's mobile phone operators, but the Timofonica worm that appeared earlier this week isn't anything to worry about.

  • Have you got a bug in your ear? -- Wed, 07th Jun 2000
  • A new virus author -- this one apparently upset with the telephone monopoly in Spain -- has decided to reach out and touch cell phone users.

  • Worm hits Europe's mobile phones -- Tue, 06th Jun 2000
  • A computer worm that attacks mobile phones has been detected spreading through Spain by Finnish Anti-Virus vendor F-Secure.


    • Rupert Goodwins: Mobile phone viruses are coming -- Thu, 08th Jun 2000
    • The modern GSM cellphone is a smart terminal on a complicated network with lots of security features, but at heart it is a computer that can download and run software -- get viral code in there, and you've cracked it.

    • Mobile phone worms pose massive threat -- Fri, 19 May 2000
    • Future programmable mobile phones will spawn more virulent and potentially more dangerous computer worms than those seen on today's home computers, predict anti-virus researchers.

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