News Roundup: The business of Linux

Suits are spotted at the Linux Expo as the business community starts listening to Linux
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Britain's second annual Linux Expo -- held in London last week -- reflected the new popularity of the open source operating system as it moves from being purely a developers' and enthusiasts' favourite and begins courting the corporate world.

Guest speakers reflected this change in keynote presentations. Adam Wood of Deutsche Bank's equity research team, for example, gave a speech in which he said that investors have confidence in the open source movement and believed that Linux firms make particularly good investment prospects.

Here's a round-up of all the latest Linux news and ZDNet's interview with Larry Augustin, CEO of VA Linux:

VA Linux CEO Larry Augustine Pt I Larry Augustin speaks to ZDNet about Linus, Transmeta and life at the helm of one the world's most successful open source businesses. Wed, 07 Jun 2000.

VA Linux CEO Larry Augustin Pt II

VA Linux CEO Larry Augustin Pt III

SuSE Linux CEO: Europe leads desktop revolution Europe leads the world in the desktop adoption of Linux, according to the CEO of leading German-based distributor SuSE, Roland Dyroff. Mon, 05th Jun 2000

Secure open source Web server debuts at Linux expo The Stronghold Secure Web server proves that access to source code need not affect security. Mon, 05th Jun 2000.

SGI ups Linux support with e-business solution Hardware manufacturer SGI furthered its commitment to the Linux operating system Thursday, announcing the availability of IBM's WebSphere Application Server on the SGI 1450 Linux-based server. Fri, 02nd Jun 2000.

Linux fells another NT dot com Bob Geldof's Deckchair.com receives a technical overhaul to use the Linux OS. Thu, 01st Jun 2000.

Alan Cox: Fight Euro patenting law Alan Cox says US-style patent regulations should be resisted and calls the technical community to arms. Thu, 01st Jun 2000.

UK Linux news service launches at London expo News site for UK Linux administrators, programmers and developers launches. Thu, 01st Jun 2000.

Has the Linux bubble burst? And if it has, is that necessarily a bad thing, or simply a sign of maturity? Regardless of the rhetoric, Mary Jo Foley believes there is enough promise in the basic concept that software is best developed via a cooperative, rather than a competitive model. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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