News to know: 10 years of blogging; Metaspoit; Son of WGA

Notable headlines: Dan Farber: Reflections on the first decade of blogging.UMBC eBiquity: The I’s of the Blogosphere.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:
Dan Farber: Reflections on the first decade of blogging.
UMBC eBiquity: The I’s of the Blogosphere.

Ryan Naraine: Hacking with Metasploit on a Nokia N800 (right). eEye spies first MS Office 2007 remote exploit. Mozilla zaps Firefox security bugs.
WSJ: Tech Giants to Unveil Power-Usage Plan.
NY Times: Google in Content Deal With Media Companies.
Dion Hinchcliffe: Tracking the DIY phenomenon Part 2: Mass customization, mashups, and recombinant Web apps.

Ars Technica: EMI to Apple, Microsoft: Ditching DRM is going to cost you.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Another nail in the AACS coffin.
Rescuing search in 'Second Life'.
Red-light district on a tiny mobile screen.
Larry Dignan at Wharton Technology Conference:

Broadband over powerlines (gallery right): It may take awhile.
FedEx couples Google Earth with active package tracking.
Technologists: Fix U.S. patent law now.

Mary Jo Foley: Exchange Server 2007
Service Pack 1 gets a due date. Microsoft to launch new consortium aimed at Oracle users.

paints Google Earth with near real-time information -- Garett Rogers.

AP: Netflix Delivers 1 Billionth DVD.

Vista hands on:

Ed Bott: Move user data to another drive.

David Berlind:
Using Vista? Try your hardest to run it as a non-administrative user first.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows Vista--19 months of usage
and counting
Computerworld: '06 PC buyers mad over Vista Express upgrade delays.
FAQ: Behind Microsoft's MP3 patent jam.
eWeek: Ubuntu Wants a Bigger Piece of Desktops, Servers.

Ed Bott: Microsoft's son of WGA (below). A brief history of anti-piracy at Microsoft.

Tom Foremski: Silicon Valley is turning into media valley.
Donna Bogatin: Web 2.0: Does ‘old media’ get it?
Computerworld: First Look: Google Apps Premier Edition.

Larry Dignan: Salesforce.com’s
big customer: Mystery solved.
Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Will you pay $500 for the iPhone?
BitTorrent to open digital media store.
SF Chronicle: IRS urged to go after eBay sellers.
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