News to know: A Vista SP1 feast; Yahoo says no; Mobile World Congress; DC in data centers

Notable headlines:All you need to know about Vista SP1 (and then some).Ed Bott: A Vista SP1 FAQ.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

All you need to know about Vista SP1 (and then some).

Ed Bott: A Vista SP1 FAQ. Vista SP1 hands-on: six trouble-free upgrades

Mobile World Congress:

Dan Farber: Greenplum delivers fast petabyte-scale data loading

Yahoo turns down Microsoft for now:

Tom Foremski: Does an Oracle acquisition of Salesforce make sense?

Larry Dignan: Dell: We're committed to AMD but...

David Morgenstern: So many MagSafe adapters - who knew?

Techmeme: Sony puts life in a clamshell, uses Windows Mobile

Heather Clancy: Part 2: Does DC have a place in the data center? Part 1: Does DC have a place in the data center?

A place to run some environmental stats on your homes (or would-be home)

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 9: Is the SSD overhyped?

Alcatel takes big hit on Lucent assets

The next big things in wireless

Rik Fairlie: An easy (and cheap) way to upgrade your 802.11g router to Draft N

Images: This knee brace could charge batteries (right)

Computerworld: Adobe PDF exploit infects many thousand

Roland Piquepaille: Feeling organs via a display screen

A smart pillbox to educate people

Recreating 3.5 billion year-old genes

Phil Fersht: Has Europe lost the offshore war?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The OS should be invisible to the user - Is Torvalds right?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft goes internal for a new OEM chief. XP SP3: The test-build parade continues

Dennis Howlett: What now for the remaining integration players?

Phil Wainewright: Microsoft Kool-Aid and the cloud

John Morris: Ready or not, here comes Silverthorne

Dan Farber: Who's buying into Web 2.0 technologies?

Police Blotter: E911 rules aid police in tracking cell phones

BitMicro announces 1.6TB solid-state drive

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