News to know: Adobe Apollo Alpha; Intel benchmarks; Local Web ads

Notable headlines:Ryan Stewart: Apollo public alpha available. Microsoft, Adobe, and rich versus reach.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Stewart: Apollo public alpha available. Microsoft, Adobe, and rich versus reach.Apollo Camp: effective UI helping developers extend Apollo.

Adobe offers early peak at Apollo. Adobe statement.

Salesforce update to CRM service springs forward.

Database servers get a new yardstick.
David Berlind: AMD’s no angel, but Intel’s public usage of benchmark data is feloniously misleading. Gallery.

Donna Bogatin: Google's high-speed battle with Microsoft.

MIT Technology Review: 10 Emerging Technologies 2007

Giga Om: TechCrunch lands Fox exec as CEO. Michael Arrington announcement. Donna Bogatin: TechCrunch goes pro: What’s the deal?

Photos (right): Top 10 reviews of last week.
Server maker expanding double-whammy family.

Donna Bogatin: Local Advertising takes $39 billion starring role.

Computerworld: Philadelphia Stock Exchange overhauls BI operation.

BBC: Vehicle warning system trialled.

WSJ: Does Silicon Valley Need More Visas for Foreigners?

Garett Rogers: YouTube to expose video upload API.

O'Reilly Radar: The Web 2.0 Address Book May Have Arrived.

News.com: Viacom's
Web guru plans for the future.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft sheds more light on its Web-search incentive program.

Ryan Naraine: A Red Hat (Linux) mega patch.

Photos (right): A cool robot for polar duty.

Tom Foremski:
Blogged content could carry advertising links…

One minor error in Sinbad's death notice
Andrew Keen: Now public: newspapers are dead.
eWeek: How to Stop the Dilbertization of IT.

AP: Unused patents spawn companies

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