News to know: Adobe; Apple; Facebook; Microsoft security

Notable headlines:Zack Whittaker: Students try to bring down FacebookDancho Danchev: Microsoft's CAPTCHA successfully brokenRyan Naraine: Microsoft issues Safari-to-IE blended threat warningObama looking for help thwarting Web site hackersChinese female hacking group spottedActiveX control bug bites Creative Labs AutoUpdate engineHow was Comcast.net hijacked?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Zack Whittaker: Students try to bring down Facebook

Dancho Danchev: Microsoft's CAPTCHA successfully broken

Michael Krigsman: Rescuing Twitter's trainwreck Twitter: It's Not Rocket Science, But It's Our Work

ReadWriteWeb: Adobe Launches Online Office Suite and New Flash-Enabled Acrobat 9

Jason O'Grady: Is Apple hording .me domains?

Threat Level: MediaDefender Defends Revision3 SYN Attack

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardcore virtualization - VMware ESX 3.5/Infrastructure - Part 1. Gallery (right)

News.com: Intel previews Centrino 2 notebook with WiMax

Phil Wainewright: Sharing your login is a criminal offence Ad

rian Kingsley-Hughes: Either choose strong passwords, or don't bother with a password at all. Gallery right.

Garett Rogers: Google caught "anonymously" bashing eBay

David Morgenstern: What gets Photoshop cooking?

Dana Blankenhorn: What might come of the OOXML revolt?

Open source and the hardware roadblock

Joe McKendrick: How SOA and IT are faring in the 'unrecession'

IDG: Asus Shows off Atom-based Eee PC

Harry Fuller: America's ready. Where the electric car? The fuel cell SUV?

Zach Whitacker: Can Windows 7 benefit students?

Christopher Dawson: Free speech for students, revisitedNews.com: A peek behind Google's data center curtain

TechRepublic: PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll 8.9 Using DB2 V9 for z/OS on an IBM z Platform

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the weekHeather Clancy:What's in a name? For LimeLeap, apparently, a whole lot

Jason O'Grady: Rumor Mill: no iPhone content (updated)

MacRumors: Apple Bought Me.com? . Mac's New Name?

Matthew Miller: Garnet VM Palm OS emulator for Nokia Internet Tablets updated with better display support

Roland Piquepaille:Ghostly ring found circling dead star

News.com: Nvidia's mobile ambitions adding MIDs to the list

Dana Blankenhorn: Will those with "brain cooties" find equality?

Images: Secrets of Stonehenge unearthed

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #135, talking about the sub-notebook market

IT facts: 87% of US cell phone users are satisfied with their new phone and their service

Amazon bolsters Kindle catalog, inks pact with Simon & Shuster

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