News to know: Adobe; Windows 7; Sun; SOA; Apple

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Mary Jo Foley: A plea to the Windows team:...

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Mary Jo Foley: A plea to the Windows team: Don't make Windows 7 too Mac-like

Michael Krigsman: 5 steps to cut IT budgets wisely

10 classic clueless-user stories

Larry Dignan: Adobe lays off 600 workers, CS4 demand weaker than expected

Jason Perlow: Slicing up Sun

Joe McKendrick: Mashups: No SOA required, but keep IT in the loop

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple's "install antivirus on your Mac" page is gone, but the idea lives on

Groklaw: Apple Tells Court It Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar; Adds New Claims, Including DMCA Violation

Who are the John Does that Apple is looking for?

Techmeme: Guess what?  Automated news doesn't quite work.

Almost every Windows PC contains at least one insecure program

Silicon Alley Insider: Icahn: I Would Vote Against Miller's Yahoo Takeover (YHOO)

Sam Diaz: Yahoo headlines: What's fact and what's rumor?

Rumor mill about Yahoo's future goes into overdrive ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das talks with Editor in Chief Larry Dignan about the many variables at play in the Yahoo saga. Dignan also sifts through some of the theories about the search giant, sorting the probable from the impossible.

Roadmap: Open source to take over mainstream IT

Forrester: Extranet collaboration platforms - coming soon, but many-to-many problem remains

Brian Sommer: Kudos for a good research approach

Photos: Capturing a Cy Young winner's 'freaky' motion (right)

Sean Portnoy: Holiday Gift Guide 2008: High-end home theater setups

Tom Foremski: Car makers could learn from chip industry and unleash a wave of innovation

Webware: New Firefox extension turns into illegal free-for-all

Gizmodo: Barack Obama Uses a Zune

ReadWriteWeb: Stores Clueless About Mobile Barcode Scanning Applications?

Gallery: Top 10 holiday gifts for the tech team (right)

Andrew Nusca: Should you run your laptop on battery or charger power?

Sam Diaz: Comcast to launch meter to track Web usage

Deb Perelman: Nobody works for a dollar

Ed Burnette: Java SE 6 update 11 is out, 64-bit support still lacking

Bits: Why Twitter Turned Down Facebook

Dana Blankenhorn: Hospitals may want to upgrade their WiFi

Amazon launches iPhone app

Oracle adds data-integrity code to Linux kernel

RIM warns for the third quarter; Blames Bold, Storm slippage, weak Loonie