News to know: Adobe; Windows 7; Sun; SOA; Apple

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Mary Jo Foley: A plea to the Windows team:...
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Mary Jo Foley: A plea to the Windows team: Don't make Windows 7 too Mac-like

Michael Krigsman: 5 steps to cut IT budgets wisely

10 classic clueless-user stories

Larry Dignan: Adobe lays off 600 workers, CS4 demand weaker than expected

Jason Perlow: Slicing up Sun

Joe McKendrick: Mashups: No SOA required, but keep IT in the loop

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple's "install antivirus on your Mac" page is gone, but the idea lives on

Groklaw: Apple Tells Court It Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar; Adds New Claims, Including DMCA Violation

Who are the John Does that Apple is looking for?

Techmeme: Guess what?  Automated news doesn't quite work.

Almost every Windows PC contains at least one insecure program

Silicon Alley Insider: Icahn: I Would Vote Against Miller's Yahoo Takeover (YHOO)

Sam Diaz: Yahoo headlines: What's fact and what's rumor?

Roadmap: Open source to take over mainstream IT

Forrester: Extranet collaboration platforms - coming soon, but many-to-many problem remains

Brian Sommer: Kudos for a good research approach

Photos: Capturing a Cy Young winner's 'freaky' motion (right)

Sean Portnoy: Holiday Gift Guide 2008: High-end home theater setups

Tom Foremski: Car makers could learn from chip industry and unleash a wave of innovation

Webware: New Firefox extension turns Amazon.com into illegal free-for-all

Gizmodo: Barack Obama Uses a Zune

ReadWriteWeb: Stores Clueless About Mobile Barcode Scanning Applications?

Gallery: Top 10 holiday gifts for the tech team (right)

Andrew Nusca: Should you run your laptop on battery or charger power?

Sam Diaz: Comcast to launch meter to track Web usage

Deb Perelman: Nobody works for a dollar

Ed Burnette: Java SE 6 update 11 is out, 64-bit support still lacking

Bits: Why Twitter Turned Down Facebook

Dana Blankenhorn: Hospitals may want to upgrade their WiFi

Amazon launches iPhone app

Oracle adds data-integrity code to Linux kernel

RIM warns for the third quarter; Blames Bold, Storm slippage, weak Loonie

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