News to know: AMD; Bebo; Google; IT training

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Triple-core Phenom - Where does it fit in to the big picture?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Triple-core Phenom - Where does it fit in to the big picture? John Morris: AMD ships triple-core Phenoms

EIC podcast: AOL and Bebo; Yahoo talks; Spitzer and IT; Semantic Web

Michael Krigsman: 5 ways to fail at IT training

Larry Dignan: AOL acquires Bebo for $850 million; Social networking field narrows

Photos: First images from Saturn moon close encounter

Dana Gardner: Sybase readies means to make iPhone a Lotus Notes client

David Morgenstern: Apple WWDC to mark the iPhone SDK's new developer halo

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows-based Eee PC to outsell Linux version - Another blow for Linux

Xbox 360 owners - No Blu-ray for you!

Phil Wainewright: Making cash with SaaS and Web 2.0

Mary Jo Foley: Two more Microsoft execs fly the coop

Garett Rogers: Google attempts to steal buzz from Microsoft WorldWideTelescope

Heather Clancy:Sweetening the deal: Samsung offers recycling service for laser printers

Dennis Howlett: Intel: no social networking here

Personal information of Harvard grad students compromised

John Morris: In-flight Internet cleared for take-off

Dana Blankenhorn: In open source 2.0 it's the quality of your forge that counts

AppleInsider: Apple TV DVR interface revealed in patent filings

Bits: Google's Trojan Horse: Let the free ad serving begin

Joshua Greenbaum: Microsoft Dynamics Revenues: Is More Really Less?

Janice Chen: Canon announces three new 10-megapixel PowerShot Digital ELPHs

News.com: Source: Microsoft-Yahoo in informal talks. Larry Dignan: Microsoft-Yahoo: Radio silence phase is over; The two are talking

Josh Taylor: Blu-ray player prices spike - wow, who could have seen that one coming?

Christopher Dawson: Do 1:1 solutions really need to be portable?

ReadWriteWeb: OpenSocial beta apps go live on MySpace

Richard Koman: Gates, Mundie make a pitch for white space

Paul Miller: Yahoo embraces the Semantic Web?

Uh oh: The guys controlling the IT budget aren't happy

Adobe plugs vulnerabilities for Form Designer, ColdFusion, Reader

Rik Fairlie: A free and easy way to test your Wi-Fi security

Garett Rogers: Google releases Ad Manager after DoubleClick approval

Review: SanDisk Sansa Fuze (right)

Roland Piquepaille:Hybrid cars and the power grid

Dana Blankenhorn: Sticky open source marketing

Matthew Miller: ShoZu one-click video and image uploads expands from mobile to desktop

IE 8: Threats will evolve to elude Microsoft's new security features

Paul Murphy: Internet personalities: looking at three political sites

Dan Kusnetzky: Microsoft Vista creates problems - Kidaro to the rescue

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