News to know: AMD hypocritical; Second Life pol tricks; Mac Wi-Fi hack

Notable headlines:George Ou: Is AMD being hypocritical about benchmark ethics?Multicore move cuts Oracle database cost.

Notable headlines:

George Ou: Is AMD being hypocritical about benchmark ethics?

Multicore move cuts Oracle database cost.

Mary Jo Foley: Could a startup beat Microsoft and Google to market with a ‘cloud OS’?
Microsoft asks ‘So who wants to be a programmer?

Ryan Naraine: Maynor demos MacBook Wi-Fi hijack, admits mistakes. Gallery (right). Flaw trifecta kicks off Month of PHP bugs.

Dictionary for software bugs to cut confusion?

Donna Bogatin: Second Life political dirty tricks? Edwards campaign cries foul. Baseline: Second Life: Is Business Ready For Virtual Worlds?

Ryan Stewart: Apollo public alpha coming in the next few weeks. Wallop gets a makeover with better interface.

recalls extended-life laptop batteries. 205,000 notebook batteries to be exact.

AppleInsider: Mac sales growth up over 100 percent in January, says firm.

Your Wi-Fi can tell people a lot about you.

51GB HD DVD disc gets official.

Ed Burnette: How to get 520 GigaFlops for $600.

Larry Dignan: Dell: The future matters, but we’re not talking. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Was IdeaStorm a bad idea?

Ed Bott's Vista Hands On #9: Use Vista for four months, free. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows Vista activation cracked by brute force.

Jason O'Grady: Safari (left) performance issues.

ITRedux takes a look at the emerging class of online document management applications, including  Blinksale, FreshBooks, EchoSign, Koral, DocuSign, docHarbor and ShareMethods.
Russell Shaw's Blackberry Beat:

BlackBerry patent app would streamline conference call connections.

BlackBerry as a phone: newer models seem to be improving.

Is your audio or video file compatible with BlackBerry? Here’s how to find out.

Wired: I bought votes on Digg. Techmeme discussion.

Marketwatch: Novell has loss; Microsoft pact positive.

'Harry Potter' author fights e-book fraud on eBay.

Homeland Security offers details on Real ID.

Gallery: The Nokia N80 Internet Edition; high end multimedia device with a business focus (right).

Russell Shaw: Gizmo Project 3.0 released: is this an IRC killer?

Alex Iskold of ReadWriteWeb ressurects the attention economy topic, providing an overview of the concepts.

Donna Bogatin: Why Google click fraud is NOT 0.02%.

The Top Five Technologies You Need to Know About in '07.


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