News to know: AMD vs Intel; GoogleDrive.com; Microsoft search tweaks

Notable headlines: George Ou: AMD: Is closing the quad-core deficit enough? Paul Murphy: Barcelona, Tigerton, and the T2.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

George Ou: AMD: Is closing the quad-core deficit enough? Paul Murphy: Barcelona, Tigerton, and the T2.

Garett Rogers: Google secures GoogleDrive.com and updates name servers.

Review:  Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse.

Harry Fuller: IBM: "Big Blue" looks at little green guys and sees big future.

ReadWriteWeb: Yahoo Launches 2 New Hacks - Interview with Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo. Ryan Naraine: Old QuickTime bug returns to bite Firefox.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft details search changes coming in Vista Service Pack 1. Microsoft outlines Vista desktop search changes.

Computerworld: Microsoft changes Windows files on user PCs without permission, researchers say. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Microsoft fiddling

with system files without permission?

Photos: Microsoft mice to escape from the factory (right).

Michael Krigsman: iPhone unlock hack: cooked Apples or not?

David Berlind: Latest iPhone hacks shine spotlight on war between oysters and shuckers. Jason O'Grady: That didn't take long: free open-source iPhone unlock released (updated).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft, Sun to team on virtualization. Ed Burnette: Sun to resell Windows as Linux, Solaris alternative. Paula Rooney: Microsoft's virtualization hypervisor needs Red Hat support, too.

Dana Blankenhorn: Code search has become a product category.

Dan Farber: HP launches ‘Shorty’ blade for the mid-market.

Larry Dignan: Lenovo launches green (and small) desktop.

Want to 'converse' with advertisers? Me neither

Sprint to offer online shopping on cell phones. San Francisco Chronicle: Google founders pay NASA $1.3 million to land at Moffett Airfield

Gallery: Cracking open the Ion USB turntable (right).

Roland Piquepaille: New nanomaterials able to cover large areas.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft pushing Office 2007 with promos galore. InsideMicrosoft: Office Ultimate 2007: Just $60! (for students)

Phil Wainewright: Taleo beefs up with performance management. Google denies ownership of users' words.

Dana Blankenhorn: Are online medical record databases good or bad?

EDS offers retirement to 12,000 workers. FCC mandates more stringent E911 compliance.

Dana Blankenhorn: VMWare responds with open source in virtualization war. VMware: Not just hypervisor revenue.

Photos: Stanford's X-ray vision. Steve O'Hear: Propeller.com - Netscape’s digg-experiment lives on.

Next venue for 'Guitar Hero III': PCs, Macs.

TechCrunch: Hulu makes first acquisition.

Louisgray.com: Internal Linking On Some Tech Blogs Is Out of Control.

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