News to know: AOL, Linux; Mac clones; Mobile Web

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Making sense of Windows' irrational pricing and licensingRobin Harris: 2.5" disks to become new standard in 2009TechRepublic: 10 common mistakes to avoid when you're installing Linux softwareChristopher Dawson: My kid hates Linux.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ed Bott: Making sense of Windows' irrational pricing and licensing

Robin Harris: 2.5" disks to become new standard in 2009

TechRepublic: 10 common mistakes to avoid when you're installing Linux software

Christopher Dawson: My kid hates Linux. First my kid hates Linux, now I have to buy laptops with Vista

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: PhysX coming to GeForce 8/9 owners soon

AOL buys Sphere Larry Dignan: Is AOL a viable option for Yahoo against Microsoft?

AOL lands Verizon advertising deal

Waxy.org: Exclusive: Google App Engine ported to Amazon's EC2

Jason O'Grady: Mac clones to rise again?

Paula Rooney: Iona exec claims open source unit won't be sold alone, bashes MuleSource

Mary Jo Foley: Users prevail: Microsoft undoes forced move to Multimap

Dennis Howlett: Google and Salesforce.com: still not a done deal

Dave Greenfield: HD-Telephony: Hip or Hype?

Ryan Stewart: Widevine and Microsoft team up for DRM on Silverlight

More money pouring into rich media; Move Networks adds more funding

Paul Miller: A Semantic view of the Wikipedia for Data idea

Mobile Web: Over before it began?

Heather Clancy: Keep your travel profile a little greener with Rearden Harry Fuller: Biofuel just got even more unpopular across the globe

News.com@NAB: Microsoft touts media business gains with Silverlight

Dennis Howlett: Project execution gets more social with Clarizen

Jason Perlow:

Zune + Yahoo! = Y!Phone

Kingsley-Hughes: Why I didn't buy an iPhone

Yet another academic against Wikipedia

News.com: Google mapping spec now an industry standard

Roland Piquepaille:A 2-billion-year window into the Earth

Dennis Howlett: C'mon Oracle, more noise please

Matthew Miller: Willcom D4 runs with an Intel Atom processor in a sleek form factor

Blockbuster sees media convergence; Offers to buy Circuit City. Techmeme

PaidContent.org: CBS Interactive Opening Menlo Park Office; Big Acquisition Needed?

Dana Blankenhorn: Moodle your way out of the education muddle

Silicon Alley Insider: Nick Denton “Pruning” Gawker Media, Ditching Three Sites

Review: HP Pavilion a6400z Desktop PC (2.6GHz, 320GB HD, 2GB RAM)

Andrew Nusca: Drool Alert: RED Scarlet 'pocket professional' mini camcorder

Christopher Dawson: Innovative model brings fiber to rural Vermont

Paul Murphy: Frustrations with development languages

Nate McFeters: Security expert discusses a possible future for PCI-DSS... it's grim

Dan Kusnetzky: Skytap and the test lab in the clouds

BuzzMachine: The press becomes the press-sphere

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