News to know: Apple; AMD; Metasploit; Yahoo; Open SUSE

Notable headlines:Jason O'Grady: Wagering on WWDC 2008TUAW: Rumor: Mac OS X 10.6 to debut at WWDC 08?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Jason O'Grady: Wagering on WWDC 2008

Larry Dignan: AMD makes its notebook move; Puma goes live Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD officially unveils next-generation "Puma" notebook platform

Mary Jo Foley: Gates to look back, ahead on tools in his last Microsoft keynote

Dancho Danchev: Metasploit Project's site hijacked through ARP poisoning

TechRepublic: How do I... Connect an Apple iPod to an Ubuntu Linux PC?

Matthew Miller: The new HTC Touch Pro has a 5-row keyboard with the TouchFLO 3D UILarry Dignan: Icahn: I want Yang gone from Yahoo WSJ: Icahn Steps Up Yahoo Attack, Seeks Yang's Ouster as CEO

Jason Perlow: OpenSUSE 11 RC1: The Mercedes-Benz to Ubuntu's Volkswagen

Joshua Greenbaum: Taking on Excel, and Winning, Sort Of.

David Morgenstern: How 'warm' is your MacBook operating temperature?

Paul Murphy: Does OpenOffice.org fall short?

Ed Burnette: Patrick Brady dissects Android

Webware: Wikia Search launches the hackable search engine

Dignan: The Netbooks are coming: Laptop cannibalization today; Smartphone war tomorrow?

Michael Krigsman: Miracles happen: a transparent gov't dashboard

GigaOm: YouTube's Head of Monetization Quits, Joins Cooliris

Richard Koman: NASA IG: Scientists were muzzled

Google tweaks enterprise portfolio; Adds features to custom search

Matthew Miller: Do U.S. carriers get a bum rap for their wireless networks?

Christopher Dawson: My best year scheduling yetVirtualizing onto mainframes: How to make it fit

Computerworld: Firefox on track to crack 20% share in JulyNews.com: Goosh: a retro Web app with cutting-edge interface

IT Facts: Semiconductor sales up 5.9% in April 2008

Christopher Dawson: Servers need TLC, too, right?

Dana Blankenhorn: Iraq War gives assistive technology a permanent boost

Time Warner Cable's metering plans: Why not?

Images: MIT predicts tech to jump-start economy

Rik Fairlie: Ozmo Devices aims to replace Bluetooth with Wi-Fi-based PAN

Joe McKendrick: Are vendors emphasizing the wrong approach to SOA reuse?

Dana Gardner: Spike in enterprise 'events' spurs debut of Event Processing Technical Society

Roland Piquepaille: Secrets of a fresh beer

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