News to know: Apple developers stiffed; Safari review; Botnets

Notable headlines:WWDC coverage:Jason O'Grady says developers stiffed: Apple lulls developers to sleep at hardware-less WWDC. Beta Nazi: No Leopard for you.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: WWDC coverage:

Jason O'Grady says developers stiffed: Apple lulls developers to sleep at hardware-less WWDC. Beta Nazi: No Leopard for you. Ed Burnette: Dumb move: iPhone's "sweet, innovative" dev solution is neither.

Larry Dignan: Review: Safari for Windows (what took so long?). Gallery (right). Analysis: Safari on Windows, Leopard gets 64 bits.

Ryan Naraine: Safari on Windows could be big target for malware. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: 10 million iPhones = An ideal platform for malware.

Mary Jo Foley: Safari for Windows: Mozilla was right. Leopard looks like ... Vista.

Parallels breathes sigh of relief.

Photos: Steve Jobs at Apple WWDC (right). Video. News. Jason O'Grady's highlights.

Dan Farber: Smart move: iPhone opens up to Web developers. Apple statement. Matthew Miller: The iPhone will cost me at least US$2245, how about you?

Techmeme WWDC coverage. Engadget live coverage.

Ryan Naraine: Botnet assault: Spammers launch DDoS offensive. Googler updates open-source anti-malware tool.

Microsoft appoints Linux interoperability chief.

Ed Bott: Day 1 with a new Dell and Vista. Review: Dell Dimension C521 (left).

Robin Harris: The five weirdest things about flash drives.

Dan Farber: Sun’s Blackbox shakes and bakes.

Dana Blankenhorn: Doubt no more than mySQL is enterprise class.

Dan Kusnetzky: VMLogix LabManager 2.8 - Automation of Development/Testing Environments.

Ryan Stewart: A YouTube Competitor in Silverlight and 1080p Flash Video. YouTube to test video ID system.

Computerworld: Hackers access personal info on faculty memb

ers at Univ. of Virginia.

Chronicle of Higher Education: Walt Mossberg shows off his iPhone.

Photos (right): For seafaring students it's tech ahoy.

Dana Gardner: Telelogic acquisition takes IBM closer to the applications business.

David Berlind: HP ships third generation of blade PC solution with new Athlon 64.

Steve O'Hear: Dopplr: Share your travel plans with trusted friends.

eWeek: The battle for developers: IBM vs Microsoft.

TorrentSpy ordered to start tracking visitors.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry Flash compatibility implied by code in BlackBerry MDS simulator.

Larry Dignan: Life without Google: The importance of toolbars and browser add-ons.

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