News to know: Apple earnings, tablet; VMWare; China; Palm

Apple's earnings report and build up to Wednesday's announcement top the headlines today.

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Apple earnings: Mac sales rise but iPod sales slip for holiday quarter

Jason Hiner: Apple Tablet: Steve Jobs is on a quest to slay another dragon

Larry Dignan: VMware earnings shine: Customers 'move forward' on IT spending

Sam Diaz: Gates backs Ballmer on China: Obey laws to conduct business

Andrew Nusca: Study: E-book readers no digital newspaper replacement

Rachel King: More rumors circulating about Microsoft Pink project; possible launch this spring

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat becomes an open source community organizer

Tom Foremski: Arguing over web site traffic misses the point...

David Greenfield: VidyoRoom: Another Low-Cost TelePresence System Needing Interoperability

Christopher Dawson: My LMS debacle

Rachel King: TomTom survey reveals fastest, slowest roads in U.S.; drivers aren't speeding often

Rachel King: Acer to launch online app store, release e-book reader by mid 2010

David Morgenstern: Apple Macintosh: Where's the respect?

Jennifer Leggio: Quick'n'Dirty podcast faces off with the NHL

Sam Diaz: Companies get proactive as data breach costs continue to rise

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is the Apple TV a flop?

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple pitching its agency model to book publishers

Larry Dignan: Netezza rolls out Skimmer data warehouse appliance

Dana Blankenhorn: Give parents calorie counts and they order fewer calories

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: PC gamers love Windows 7

Dancho Danchev: Bogus IQ test with destructive payload in the wild

Five steps to manage video effectively

Rachel King: Nintendo shipping Wii Classic Controller Pro this April; price starts at $19.99

Dennis Howlett: Sage launches X3 v6 but to barely a cloud in the sky

Paul Greenberg: CRM Watchlist 2010 - The SMBs - IVA - Brent Leary Rocks

ZDNet UK: Spam traps catch 95 percent of email sent

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK: Here yesterday, gone today

Dana Blankenhorn: Kiwi high school issues shot heard around the open source world

Zack Whittaker: Why can't we all have Obama's secure BlackBerry?

Ed Bott: A fast fix for IE8 crashes, slowdowns

Heather Clancy: Audiophiles/videophiles: Monster extends green power control line

Jono Bacon: Avoiding resource fetishism: It's about workflow, not tools

Heather Clancy: Got gas? These software developers will help you with enterprise emissions tracking

Joe McKendrick: SOA Skills Add 37% Premium to Salaries, Survey Shows

Larry Dignan: AOL buys video platform via StudioNow; Looks for new CTO

Rachel King: Images of Pentax Optio H90, Optio L10 leaked to the web

Dan Kusnetzky: Certification an age old tactic

Larry Dignan: Smart Planet: New breed of accountants measure carbon footprint


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