News to know: Apple sued; IDF; Adobe hijack; Microsoft-Novell

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Sam Diaz: Apple faces suit over iPhone.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Sam Diaz: Apple faces suit over iPhone. Is it still worth the switch? Techmeme

IDF wrap:

Ed Burnette: Life without the Internet: Zapped off the grid Ed Bott: Why do you want WinFS?

Ryan Naraine:Can Adobe mitigate 'clipboard hijack' issue?

Dennis Howlett: Open source and innovation as maintenance models

Bloomberg: Comcast to Slow Some Web Traffic for Up to 20 Minutes

Deb Perelman:Oh, really? Report says techies don't care much about salary.

Webware: Microsoft launches 3D wonder Photosynth for consumersTom Steinert-Threlkeld: Remote Control Combat: Publicity For Simplicity

Heather Clancy: BigFix makes government's power management mandate more palatable

Dennis Howlett: ModelSheet: good in theory, needs more work

Mary Jo Foley: IE 8 looking like a November release

Kingsley-Hughes: Mozilla getting ready to push Firefox 3.0.1 on 2.0 users

NYT: Palm, Once a Leader, Seeks Path in Smartphone Jungle

Review: Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse

Jason O'Grady: Apple discontinues MobileMe status blog

Paula Rooney: Novell-Microsoft interop pact may look sweeter to IT shops these days

Larry Dignan: Yahoo: TV widgets and pondering a Disney takeover

Dana Blankenhorn: Hyperic gets on Google's cloud

Matthew Miller: Palm Treo Pro officially announced, will come to U.S. as unlocked model only

Harry Fuller: Technology: where on the scale from cure to curse?

John Carroll: HD and region-specific encodings

Roland Piquepaille:Nanospheres moving faster than light?

Phil Wainewright: SaaS mashups shape up

Janice Chen: Ricoh's new R10 wide compact camera helps you snap perfectly level shots

American Airlines kicks off in-flight Internet service

GigaOM: HillCrest Labs: Nintendo's Wii Infringing Our Patents

Dan Kusnetzky: Sun release claims Sun Ray shipments nearly double

Silicon Alley Insider: Citi On RIM BlackBerry Bold: Thumbs Up, Mostly

eBay has Amazon envy: Cuts fees to get more fixed pricing

Search engine of the day: Diaroogle

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