News to know: Apple Tablet; IBM; IE6; Microsoft-HP; Google-China

Speculation about Apple's Tablet announcement and IBM's fourth quarter earnings top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple tablet: delayed until June?

Sam Diaz: IBM beats for Q4; 'confident' about 2010

Zack Whittaker: If IE6 decommissioned; Google attack may never have happened?

Dan Kusnetzky: Thoughts on Microsoft/HP Cloud Alliance

Sam Diaz: Despite China concerns, Google stays on track to push Apps into enterprise in 2010

Larry Dignan: There's a great IT spending, budget disconnect brewing

Jason D. O'Grady: Bill Gates is on Twitter, why isn't Steve Jobs?

Chris Jablonski: Korean robot maid upgraded to do laundary, use microwave

Andrew Nusca: Versace prepares launch of $5,000 mobile phone; competes with luxury watch market

Ryan Naraine: Mac OS X dirty dozen: Apple plugs critical security holes

Larry Dignan: IDC predicts top tech for 2010 IT recovery

Heather Clancy: Symantec's data center report amplifies green IT drumbeat

Sean Portnoy: Yamaha releases two new sound bar systems that probably cost more than your HDTV

Google Blog: Helping computers understand language

Andrew Mager: Forget Fox, Conan should move his show to the web

Harry Fuller: Down the road

Mary Jo Foley: Five Windows Mobile 7 questions and five speculative answers

Andrew Mager: Chirp: The Twitter Developer Conference

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: So, who's gonna be rushing out to buy an iPad?

Ed Bott: Microsoft confirms plan to release out-of-band IE update

Robin Harris: Bad governments love big storage

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft confirms SQL Server 2008 R2's May due date

Heather Clancy: Need to verify your greenhouse gas emissions? Locus Tech has your back

Sam Diaz: Microsoft to limit search data retention to 6 months

TechCrunch: Report: 44% Of Google News Visitors Scan Headlines, Don't Click Through

Doug Hanchard: Haiti: High- and low-tech disaster relief

Paula Rooney: Firefox 3.6 RC2 now available

Christopher Dawson: Microsoft Ribbon Hero: A brilliant training tool from Office Labs

Rachel King: CrisisCamp bringing together developers, programmers for Haiti relief efforts

Christopher Dawson: Following up on my datacenter fantasy

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's compatibility conundrum: When is it wrong to do the 'right' thing?

Brian Sommer: Deloitte's Ethical Problem - Will Be Revisited Again?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Could (and should) Firefox and Chrome converge into a single browser?

Mary Jo Foley: Open identity expert flies the Microsoft coop

Joe McKendrick: Yes, we still need design-time governance in the cloud

Dana Blankenhorn: Turning the BPA ship around

Mary Jo Foley: First of the 2010 releases of Microsoft codename tracker is ready for download

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source and the Google cloud

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is it time for a Wii hardware upgrade?

ZDNet UK: IPv4 address shortage reaching critical stage

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft readies emergency IE patch to counter public exploits

Rachel King: Samsung unveils new TL, SL, and HZ-series pocket cameras

Dennis Howlett: Business ByDesign and the Three Bears

CNET: Researchers: Facebook vulnerable to clickjacking

Larry Dignan: BMC takes Remedy suite to SaaS model

Rachel King: Acer founder thinks American IT brands will be dead in 20 years

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