News to know: Apple TV' Seagate drives; FBI data management; TheGORB

Notable headlines:Apple aims for TV breakthrough. SAP unit speeds up tracking of support engineers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Apple aims for TV breakthrough

SAP unit speeds up tracking of support engineers.
George Ou: Cellular phones botch DST. DST blog focus. Computerworld: DST arrives; time switch appears to have been smooth.

Seagate ships hard drives with encryption

Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

Jason O'Grady: Jobs
challenged to ditch DRM.

Larry Dignan: FBI’s data management headaches escalate with Patriot Act.

Mashable: The Evolution of Blogging, Cat Version. A Twitter Techmeme discussion.
Donna Bogatin: Google Television engineering targets mass TV personalization. VentureBeat: Google rumored to sign deal with Echostar.

George Ou: A look at Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop.
Gallery (right).

Micron image sensor hits 8 megapixels.
AP: CBS Doubles Bandwidth for NCAA Streams.

David Berlind: If others think poorly or well of you (personally or professionally), TheGORB.com will tell you. Andrew Keen: TheGORB (left) is gross.
Webware: New browser-free Web version of Trillian is coming.

The greening of Las Vegas
. Gallery (right).

AP: Cable Operators Offer Wireless Contracts.
Ryan Naraine: Flickr issues security (phishing) alert. ICANN: Anycast saved DNS root servers during attack.

Jason O'Grady:
Analyst: NanoBook to run OS X lite; ship in late 2007.

Baseline: SaaS CRM Vendor dossiers.

BusinessWeek: The Trouble with India.

Anne 2.1: 10 things I hate about you Web 2.0.
Computerworld: Q&A: Former Mass. CIO feels 'bittersweet pride' after battles with Microsoft, legislature.
NASA’s Mars life-detector--Roland Piquepaille.

Susan Wu: SXSW panel: Virtual worlds and Avatars.
George Ou: MS OneCare nukes MS Outlook data!

Ed Bott: A WGA success story.

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