News to know: Apple vs. researchers; Drop 'IP' from VOIP; Local search

Notable headlines: George Ou: How Apple orchestrated web attack on researchers.More Apple coverage: Larry Dignan: Apple TV an $11.

Notable headlines:

George Ou: How Apple orchestrated web attack on researchers.

More Apple coverage:

Donna Bogatin: The future of Local Search: Report from the field.

Russell Shaw: Jeff Pulver to call for dropping of “IP” from VoIP.”

Math team solves the unsolvable E8. Images (right): Massive mathematics.

Ryan Naraine: To catch a spammer--follow the money. Punditry: Will Microsoft buy flaws?

Read/WriteWeb: Yahoo oneSearch Launches on US Mobile Web.


David Berlind: Sun CEO praises Google Maps on Blackberry Pearl as a near “religious experience.” Google gets personal (left).

Paul Murphy: Resolved: Vista hesitation signals Linux opportunity.


David Berlind: Scoble vs. the as-of-yet secret sauceless Ballmer.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Windows 'Fiji' on track to debut before Windows Seven. Microsoft readies 'Edinburgh' phone software for small businesses.

Ed Bott: Power Toys for Windows Vista: What would you like to see?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:
Worst PC of all time - Which one gets your vote?

Matthew Miller: GotVoice makes voicemail fun and functional. Image Gallery (right): GotVoice voice messaging service.

High-speed academic networks to merge.

Joe McKendrick:
Questions to ask before putting SOA 'lipstick' on that legacy 'pig.'

Computerworld: Q&A: Calif. CIO Steers Clear of Ideology on File Formats.

EarlyStage VC: Web 2.0 over and out.

Dan Farber:
Parsing SAP’s quest to add 60,000 customers by 2010.

IBM, Cisco
partner on emergency services offering.

Secure64 debuts Itanium server appliance.

Steve O'Hear: Forget the Oscars, YouTube to launch User-Generated Content awards. Techmeme discussion.

Fujitsu adopts flash memory for new tablets. Photos: Fujitsu peers into the future. Fujitsu's flash-based LifeBooks (right).

David Berlind:
First, solid state hard drives were for ultra-mobile PCs; now, Fujitsu notebooks.

Larry Dignan: Just what the world needs: More consultants.
Q&A: James Gosling, 'father of Java'

Sun hires Debian Linux founder, Ian Murdock
. Murdock's blog.

Photos: SXSW wraps it up (right).

NPR Starts A War Against The RIAA.

eWeek: Wireless in the Sky: Hearst Builds Tower of the Future.


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