News to know: Apple; Windows updates; Google mobile ads; Denial of service attack 101

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Apple blows through estimates; Ships 2.29 million Macs; Outlook light by design?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Apple blows through estimates; Ships 2.29 million Macs; Outlook light by design? Techmeme

Ed Bott: Good Microsoft, Bad Microsoft

Amazon earnings solid; Ups sales range

Reuters: Justice Dept looking at Google/Yahoo test

Garett Rogers: Google now offering mobile banner ads

Photos: Fujitsu adds all-in-one PC, secure hard drive

John Morris: Green PCs from Dell, Asus

AMD releases new triple-core Phenoms

News on the ultra low-cost PC front

Michael Krigsman: Salesforce.com's bold development platform vision [includes executive podcast]

Epicenter: The I Hate Facebook Club Is Growing

Joe McKendrick: SOA makes even the US Marines nervous

News.com: FBI grilled again over computer upgrade woes

Paula Rooney: LSB SDK, aka 4.0, could be panacea for Linux app developers .. and Ubuntu

Nate McFeters: Recent CNN Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack explained

Silicon Alley Insider: Google's Ginormous Free Food Budget: $7,530 Per Googler, $72 Million A Year

Christopher Dawson: Redeveloping Sugar for Windows XP Home...yeah, great idea, Nick No cell phone for NYC school kids

Heather Clancy: Softchoice screens for green

Twitter's to-do list: Become obsessive about uptime

3Tera proposes 'cloudware' architecture

ReadWriteWeb: So You're Launching a Platform: After Ubiquitous APIs - What's the Next Frontier?

Richard Koman: 9th Circuit: Feds can search laptops without suspicion

GigaOm: Comcast Is Serious About Wireless

Josh Taylor: Canon's new Vixia HF10: The best (and first) camcorder I've ever owned

Steve O'Hear: Second Life appoints new CEO with "rare and unusual passion for Second Life"

Kingsley-Hughes: MSN Music to ex-customers: So you thought you bought that song for life, eh? News.com: Interview: Microsoft's Rob Bennett defends DRM decision

Roland Piquepaille:Two robotic jellyfish, AquaJell

y and AirJelly

VMware targets long-term deals; pursues lock-in strategy

Janice Chen: Ricoh announces G600 ruggedized camera in the U.K.

John Carroll: Live Mesh: Microsoft hews to open standards rule

Ballmer: We don't need Yahoo and we aren't raising our bid

Jason Perlow: Of course you realize, this means war.

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