News to know: Apple's notebook strategy; Talking malware; Vista SP1

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Talking malware with Eugene Kaspersky.David Morgenstern: Do switchers now rule the Mac?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Talking malware with Eugene Kaspersky.

David Morgenstern: Do switchers now rule the Mac? Jason O

'Grady: An analysis of Apple's notebook strategy. Russell Shaw: New solution enables really, really cheap intl. calling from your iPhone OR iPod Touch. Gallery: The Big Apple's latest Apple store (right). CNBC: Apple future headline: New products include super laptop.

Ryan Naraine: Critical flaw in Cisco Security Agent for Windows. AOL continues to struggle with AIM worm holes. Larry Dignan: Microsoft Patch Day preview: 7 bulletins, 3 critical. Researchers map China’s underground cybercrime economy. If your antispyware provider can’t spell…

Gadi EvronTaking down spammers: Successful spam fighting via legalization, regulation and economics.

Ed Bott:Vista SP1 to deliver big network speed boost. Mary Jo Foley: First Moonlight port of Silverlight to Linux due in six months. One year later: Where are the killer Vista apps? Surprise! There will be a PDC 2008 after all. L

arry Dignan: XP on OLPC: Microsoft's gambit to stay in the emerging market conversation.

Robin Harris: Big Telco wants to ream you with "deep packet inspection"

Photos: Toyota's mobile, musical robots

George Ou: We need to calm down over the SAFE act

Dana Blankenhorn: New healthcare IT bill going nowhere fast. Microsoft accused of stacking ISO committee. Phil Windley: OpenID 2.0 specification released.

Christopher Dawson: Schools self-policing P2P just fine

Garett Rogers: Need charts for your website? Google makes it easy

Physical therapists prescribe Wii time

Joe McKendrick: Analyst: 'SOA vendors can't explain their own products'

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: As the ham to spam ratio continues to plummet, what are your plans for 2008? Michael Bay blames Microsoft for HD DVD/Blu-ray war. F-Secure: More than 100-150 malware variants targeting Macs.

CrunchGear: Free Wifi on JetBlue with a catch.

David Berlind: Shrewd moves: Will Adobe's 90 percent price drop on its media server wag the Flash dog?

Images: Newest X Prize targets 100 mpg car (right).

Dan Farber: Kim Polese's journey from Sun to SpikeSource.

Motorola backs fourth-quarter forecast. Reuters: Palm cuts outlook, sees loss.

Roland Piquepaille: A flying fish or a seaplane?

JetBlue, Yahoo, RIM plan free in-flight Wi-Fi

Phil Wainwright: NetSuite lights fuse for Xmas IPO. NetSuite edges closer to IPO; price range and ticker set.

Larry Dignan: Cisco: Pondering 2008. Dell, Best Buy forge retail deal.

Dennis Howlett: SAPs GRC challenge.

IDC: Global tech-spending growth to slow in '0.

Google's Page to wed on private isle this weekend.

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