News to know: Best flash features; Anatomy of ANI attack; Vonage saga; Windows Home Server

Notable headlines: Ryan Stewart: The top 5 new features in Flash CS3. Gallery (left).
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines: 

Ryan Stewart: The top 5 new features in Flash CS3. Gallery (left).
Yahoo Music blog: Wifi-Enabled SanDisk Sansa Connect Features Yahoo! Music Unlimited, LAUNCHcast, Messenger, and Flickr.
Tim O'Reilly: Draft Blogger's Code of Conduct.



Gallery: Anatomy of an animated cursor attack (right). Ryan Naraine: Asus.com hacked, serving up .ANI exploits.

Microsoft gains tech computing toehold.

Ryan Stewart
: Why Do People Hate Building Desktop Applications?
After setback, Vonage wins temporary relief. Vonage customers: Finding a new VOIP provider may be tricky. What's your Plan B?
Garett Rogers: Google Voice Local Search launches.
CIOs dump environmentally unfriendly suppliers. Harshest warning yet issued on climate.
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft releases Windows Home Server SDK. How to avoid the dancing Microsoft elephant. Is Microsoft still worthy of the 'Evil Empire' crown?

Jason O'Grady: Preview Joost 0.9.1 for Mac OS X. Gallery (left).
Computerworld: FBI, retailers to share crime data.
PaidContent.org: IT Professionals Network Tom’s Hardware Guide Sold.
Andrew Keen : A Pulitzer Prize for Dave Winer (the bearded, prickly one)?  Can rich Americans save newspapers?

Top 10 reviews of the week (right).
NY Times: Silicon Valley Moneymen Make a Play for Airwaves.
Sony to abandon chip-development triad.
Donna Bogatin: Why Google WILL pay for content
Larry Dignan: Portable data centers: Will Microsoft prime the demand pump?

Techmeme: Microsoft is dead.
Microsoft: Instant Messaging Comes to Xbox 360, Expanding the Largest Social Network on Television.

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