News to know: Best, worst Windows; iPhone halo effect; Optimus Maximus keyboard

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: The best and worst Windows versions ever. Vista Hands On #12: Manage partitions after setup.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:
Ed Bott: The best and worst Windows versions ever. Vista Hands On #12: Manage partitions after setup.

Ryan Naraine:
Should Microsoft start paying for vulnerabilities?

Politicians renew press for antispyware law.
Intel touts security with second-gen VPro PCs.
Larry Dignan: Apple’s iPhone touch screen and the big picture. The beauty of the ‘Boss button (below).’

CIO Insight: The Looming CIO Shortage.

Ryan Stewart: Making Flex easy:
Adobe releases Flex Module for Apache and IIS. Don't settle for 'good enough' Web interfaces.

Google exec confirms phone in the labs.

Garett Rogers:
AJAX "blog bar" now available. New pieces to "Google Presently" puzzle. Google helps scientists with their large data sets. How about a 3.5GB quota in your Gmail?
WSJ: Friends Swap Twitters, and Frustration. Techmeme discussion. Webware: Newbie's guide to Twitter.
Cisco makes big bet on Web conferencing. Dan Farber: Cisco: The giant network squid. Dana Gardner: Business communications 2.0? Phil Wainewright: SaaS Summit reactions to Cisco buying WebEx. Techmeme discussion.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Optimus Maximus - Here's what a $1,490 keyboard looks like. Gallery (right). What’s holding you back from going down the 64-bit road?
Ballmer calls Google's growth plans 'insane'. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft picking up on in-game ads.
Google grapples with increasingly political Web. Donna Bogatin: Google CEO wants your personal information.

Bike makers take automatic transmisson for a spin.
Photos (right): Self-shifting bikes.

David Berlind: Finally! An ExpressCard adapter that accepts a PCCard (PCMCIA). Jason D. O'Grady: Novatel's V640 EVDO card and why you want one.

Paul Murphy:
Risks, disclosure, and IT.

Ed Burnette:
Planets align for Linux surge.

This 52-inch screen goes on your head. Gallery (right).
John  Battelle: Microsoft Deal For Large Customers: Use Live Search, Get Free MSFT Products.
Computerworld: Vista on a stick: How to flash your OS.
AP: Witnesses Sequestered in Qwest Nacchio Trial.

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