News to know: Blackberry outage, Microsoft Word, Mozilla, Facebook, cybersecurity chief, Ribbit,

A Blackberry outage, Microsoft's Word ruling, Mozilla and Google lead Wednesday's headliners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Another Blackberry outage affects 100 percent of N. American customers

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft loses its appeal in $200-million-plus Custom XML patent infringement case

10 Most Vulnerable Software Apps of 2009

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Mozilla unveils Windows theme/UI update for Firefox 3.7/4.0

Does Facebook really lead to divorce?

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise 2.0: quo vadis?

Sam Diaz: White House names cybersecurity coordinator

Jason O'Grady: Ribbit Mobile brings voicemail transcription to the iPhone

Larry Dignan: Google delivers open system treatise: Do you buy it?

Globe and Mail: BlackBerry outage sweeps North America

Heather Clancy: Verizon opens lab to demo green features of optical networks

Boy Genius Report: Israeli programmer hacks Kindle, breaks DRM protection

Michael Krigsman: Worldwide cost of IT failure: $6.2 trillion

ThreatPost: Attackers Buying Own Data Centers for Botnets, Spam

Matthew Miller: Video of B&N nook 1.1 update and gallery of in-store retail experiences

Image Gallery: Hands on with the B&N Nook in the Barnes & Noble retail store

Hanchard: Has Eliot Spitzer lost his faculty? Release AIG emails into the wild?

Copenhagen aftermath: Money left on the table, no signed treaty and zero innovation

Andrew Nusca: MSI Wind U160 leaked; Atom N450, $350, arriving at CES

Jason Hiner: Backupify drops paywall; backs up your data from Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail

Bits: Who Walked, Google or Yelp?

Harry Fuller: Which country is hot in 2010?

Garett Rogers: Google to open search algorithm? Not in your lifetime

Dana Blankenhorn: Some unusually winning stories from 2009

eWeek: IBM Preps for Cloud Computing War vs. Google, Microsoft in 2010

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