News to know: Blogger death threats; Intel juices Wi-Fi; GPL draft on deck

Notable headlines:  Intel modifies Wi-Fi to add mileage. Sprint unveils WiMax plans.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:  

Intel modifies Wi-Fi to add mileage. Sprint unveils WiMax plans.

Gallery (right): Intel's long-range Wi-Fi goes the distance.

Kathy Sierra: Death threats against bloggers are NOT "protected speech" (why I cancelled my ETech presentations). Techmeme discussion.
Donna Bogatin: Google, LookSmart power Ask.com advertising. Skrenta vs. King Google, sometimes.
Oracle bands with open-source patent group. New GPL draft due Wednesday.

Adobe to take wraps off Creative Suite 3

Rackable's portable data center goes on sale.
Robin Harris:Transparent - and free - massive storage.
Sun's decade of storage woe.

David Berlind: Microsoft releases beta of Office Communications suite. Screenshots (right): Office Communications suite.

sells 20 million Vista licenses. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's expectations game. Study: Novell gaining at Red Hat's expense.
George Ou: Wireless LAN security myths that won't die. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Eliminate WEP! Who is responsible for net user security?
AppleInsider: All Nike running shoes to be iPod compatible by year's end.

leaks details on Adobe's Creative Suite 3.

Ryan Naraine: Exploit published for gaping (patched) IE hole.
Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft picks All-Star team to tackle Cloud OS. Microsoft releases updated dev-tool roadmap.

Dan Farber: Will little Xobni outhustle Microsoft in making Outlook more usable?
WSJ: Netflix vs. Naysayers.
Computerworld: Web anonymity can sink your job search.
Ryan Naraine: Can a Mac survive the hacker jungle?

Andrew Keen
: The twits are twittering on Twitter.
Garett Rogers: A new type of Google bomb (right) caused anti-Microsoft image.
E-commerce patents for sale; Come and get 'em.
Physorg.com: 'Juiced-up' Sugar-Fueled Battery Could Power Portable Electronics.
Ars Technica: IBM doubles CPU cooling capabilities with simple manufacturing change.
Larry Dignan: Vonage on the skids: What should customers do?
Phil Wainewright: Microsoft's Jekyll-and-Live identity crisis. So long SaaS, welcome webware.

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