News to know: CES; The year ahead; Green tech; Nexus One

CES; 2010 previews and Nexus One are among Monday's key headliners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Andrew Nusca: CES 2010 preview: Six trends to watch for at this year's


Larry Dignan: The year ahead: Five moving parts behind a 2010 tech recovery

Heather Clancy: Whither Green IT strategy in 2010? Latest Forrester researc

h shows renewed enthusiasm

David Morgenstern:The best after-holiday guide to practical hardware and Mac tchotchkes

Garett Rogers: Googled: Google prepping social search tool

En route to GPS-based air traffic control (images)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Interesting usage share shakeup during December

David Morgenstern: Apple: Best Whatever of the Decade, Year

Dan Kusnetzky : Why do suppliers rely on voice reponse systems?

Jennifer Leggio: 11 Twitter Tips - Job Search in 140 Characters

Andrew Nusca: With TOTALe, Rosetta Stone brings the social web to language software [review]

TechCrunch: The Tyranny Of Government And Our Duty Of Confidentiality As Bloggers

Jeremy Allison: Still Livin' La Vida Linux

WSJ: Broadcasters Aim to Put Live TV on Mobile Devices

AdAge: Can Google Sell -- and Market -- a Smartphone?

NY Times: Impact of ‘iSlate’ Could Rival iPhone

Dana Gardner: Getting on with 2010 and celebrating ZapThink's 10-year ann


Matthew Miller: Firefox Mobile RC 1 now available for Nokia N900

First look at Firefox Mobile (right)

Threat Level: The Decade's 10 Most Dastardly Cybercrimes

David Morgenstern: The best after-holiday guide to practical hardware and Mac tchotchkes

Smart Planet: Russia plans project to stop asteroid collision with Earth

Joe McKendrick:Three reasons SOA will boost outsourcing

Tom Foremski: The top event of the noughties...the dotcom dotbomb and the prick that burst the bubble

Harry Fuller: Global Warming: Winners and Losers

Washington Post: Pentagon computer-network defense command delayed by congressional concerns

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