News to know: Chinese attacks; Apple's event; Verizon's new plans; Sarcasm punctuation

Cyber attacks from China and confirmation of an Apple event next week top today's headlines.

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Security expert: Chinese authorities supported cyber attacks

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple confirms date for "event"

Larry Dignan: Verizon Wireless revamps calling plans; Goes for customer grab ahead of 4G

Ed Bott: It's time to stop using IE6

Zack Whittaker: Sarcasm punctuation most revolutionary mark since the smiley

Harry Fuller: Oceans of trouble as the CO2 battles widen

Sean Portnoy: Lexicon's $3,500 Blu-ray player is a $500 one in disguise

Dana Gardner: Technical and economic incentives mount for seeking alternatives to costly mainframe applications

Zack Whittaker: Oxford University bans Spotify citing network difficulties

Dana Blankenhorn: Can VMWare stay closed while buying open?

Matthew Miller: Review: Jawbone ICON brings style and intelligence to a Bluetooth headset

Jason D. O'Grady: Is the world ready for an AMOLED tablet?

Brian Sommer: Update: Fieldglass

Jason D. O'Grady: The return of the $1,000 iPhone app: BarMax CA

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: NVIDIA drip-feeds us more info on next-gen GF100 "Fermi" GPU

Heather Clancy: Just how mature is your green IT strategy? Forrester provides dashboard for measuring it.

Dennis Howlett: SAPs maintenance cost sleight of hand

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 'Very Best Kit List' for Jan/Feb 2010

Rachel King: Asus DR-950 B&W touchscreen e-reader includes 9" display, text-to-speech

Tom Foremski: Rob Glaser was a pioneer of badware

Oliver Marks: Twitter Four Years On: Investing Time wisely

Larry Dignan: RIM rolls out new BlackBerry apps for Lotus Quickr, Connections

Rachel King: VESA unveils DisplayPort v1.2 with 21.6 Gbps transfer rate

Paul Greenberg: CRM Watchlist 2010 Part IIIB

Harry Fuller: Sea levels: going up? Geo-engineering answers?

Matthew Miller: Apple vs Nokia round 3: Apple asks US government to ban Nokia phones

Rachel King: Motorola debuting Android OS in Korea with MOTOROI smartphone

Dan Kusnetzky: Can virtualization cause a hangover?

Rachel King: Nokia Ovi schedules press event for this Thursday with 'big news'

Brian Sommer: Book Review: CMMI for Services

Chris Jablonski: Texas scientists develop 'nanodragster'

Matthew Miller: WM 6.5 update for T-Mobile Touch Pro2 and Dash 3G now available

Rachel King: HP upgrades Pavilion dv6t and dv7t laptops, starts shipping TouchSmart tm2 tablet

Brian Sommer: Collector's Item: Accenture/Tiger Woods advertising

Harry Fuller: Some new developments we may have missed this week

Sean Portnoy: This week's HDTV deals include Sharp Aquos 46-inch 1080p 120Hz LCD for $899, Samsung and Sony bundles at Best Buy

Paul Murphy: "Geeks rule!"? Yes - but what that means depends.

James Farrar: Zuckerberg: I decide societal norms. (Are Facebook users lobotomized lemmings?)

Oliver Marks: Ubiquitous Intelligent Internet Agents

Harry Fuller: Time for a nuclear bailout in America?

David Morgenstern: Recosoft releases update to PDF2Office Pro conversion tool

Rachel King: Digital Cube debuts I-station T9 HD portable media player

Dana Blankenhorn: The problem of securing health data that is everywhere

Andrew Nusca: Target aims for Best Buy; launches nationwide TV delivery, installation for $99

Christopher Dawson: My datacenter fantasy

Sam Diaz: DOJ takes no action on text message price hikes

Phil Wainewright: Why freemium is bad for business

Mary Jo Foley: ComScore: Bing market share continues to creep upward

Joe McKendrick: .NET, great disruptor of the decade

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple needs to go on a shopping spree

Andrew Nusca: Logitech Ultimate Ears 18 Pro custom monitors: six drivers per ear, $1,350

Dana Blankenhorn: English was the first open source language

Andrew Nusca: Akamai: World Internet connection speeds on the rise; Russia, Brazil top cyberattack centers

Heather Clancy: It's producer vs. consumer in pending suit over NYC's tech recycling law

Dana Blankenhorn: New open source releases drop for 2010

Dan Kusnetzky: Chance meetings at 37,000 feet