News to know: Chrome OS; IE 9; Salesforce; Scareware

Google's Chrome OS, IE 9, scareware, Salesforce.com, AT&T vs. Verizon and Black Friday deals top today's headlines.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Larry Dignan: Google to demo Chrome OS; Detail launch plans

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to share some details on IE 9 at PDC show this week

Dancho Danchev: Thousands of web sites compromised, redirect to scareware

Larry Dignan: Salesforce delivers solid quarter; Wall Street wanted more

John Morris: New ultra-thin laptops ready to catch on?

Sam Diaz: AT&T upgrades 3G in SF Bay Area; forgets Silicon Valley is part of region


Cricket Captr

Andrew Nusca: Black Friday '09: Motorola Cliq, $79; Samsung 50" plasma HDTV, $699; Sony 15" dual core laptop, $399

Christopher Dawson: OpenSUSE Education announces Li-f-e 11.2

Mary Jo Foley: Three new codenames and how they fit into Microsoft's cloud vision

Matthew Miller: Microsoft may have blown opportunities, but all hope is not lost

Sam Diaz: Riverbed announces plans for virtual appliance to accelerate, optimize cloud

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: HP Pavilion Elite owner resorts to lawsuit over 'inherently defective' PC

Network World: Palm gives up.  Latest WebOS update for the Palm Pre lacks iTunes support

Smart Planet: FedEx launches SenseAware: Collaboration meets GPS meets sensory data

Joe McKendrick: SOA promotes a sea change for the US Coast Guard

Tom Foremski: Tibco: What's next? - moving beyond real-time IT

Brian Sommer: Inappropriate Performance Review Phrases (We'd All Like to Use)

David Morgenstern: Adding a Wizard to your Magic Mouse

Garett Rogers: Google Image Swirl: Looks neat, but useless

TechCrunch: MySpace Close To Acquiring iMeem

Zack Whittaker: The weirdest Easter egg ever seen on Facebook

Rachel King: Barnes & Noble Nook to make debut November 30?

Samsung upgrading its UbiCell CDMA base station to 3G next year

Heather Clancy: Your tech cast-offs could benefit new project in Tanzania

CNET: The most successful Web scam ever?

TechRepublic: Know your Windows Server 2008 R2 deployment options

CNet News: AdMob brings interactive video ads to iPhone

Doug Hanchard: Internet Governance Forum goes to Egypt and hits a few snags

Ad Age: Why News Corp. and Murdoch Won't Quit Google

Sean Portnoy: Wal-mart Black Friday deals on HDTVs, Blu-ray players begin to leak online

Dana Blankenhorn: Keep your genes to yourself after this weekend

Adobe releases Flash, AIR betas; Gauging the potential of multi-touch on the desktop

Gallery: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Kingsley-Hughes: Dance Microsoft Store employees, dance!

Paul Allen diagnosed with cancer

Countries engaging in Cyber Cold War

Harry Fuller: Cap and trade controversial in Australia

Ford turns to wind power

IBM researchers speed up medical diagnostic testing via chip

Next year is THE year for cloud computing

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