News to know: Chrome OS, Sinofsky, Kindle price drop, SEC and Steve Jobs, EMC-Data Domain

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.

Google Chrome OS coverage:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft promotes Windows chief Sinofsky to president

Larry Dignan: NetApp, Data Domain merger nixed; EMC wins with $2.1 billion bid

Andrew Nusca: Amazon drops Kindle e-reader price to $299; is it enough?

Jason D. O'Grady: SEC reviewing Apple disclosures about Jobs' health

Larry Dignan: Why Oracle bought Sun: 60% of enterprise software vendors rely on Java

Sam Diaz: CNET: It's time for Google's CEO to resign from Apple's board

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile customers can now pre-order the myTouch 3G and order the Dash 3G

Joe McKendrick: Prediction: cloudy future threatens SOA vendors

Jason Hiner: Generator Research predicts iPhone will overtake Nokia in 2012

Sean Portnoy: Sharp unveils new LED-backlit Aquos LCD HDTVs

Ryan Naraine: Apple plugs dangerous Safari security holes

Rachel King: HD Camera Guide raffling off cameras and HD camcorders

Oliver Marks: Battling for the Mother Of All Monopolies...

Jennifer Bergen: Gadget Gal's daily deals: Sharp Blu-ray player, Linksys wireless router, Sony BRAVIA LCD HDTV

Harry Fuller: Has the U.S. already lost green tech to other nations?

Rachel King: Nikon cameras and lenses' release schedule leaked

Sam Diaz: Sprint beats Verizon, AT&T in nationwide 3G reliability tests

Jason Perlow: Trafficking in Michael Jackson

Harry Fuller: Green Tech gets video home online

Rachel King: London police find four stolen Nikon D3x cameras

Harry Fuller: G-8 not so great?

Christopher Dawson: Can netbook subsidies from wireless companies work for schools?

ZDNet UK: Gartner finds lukewarm response to SaaS

Dana Blankenhorn: What do you do about pain?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft updates more of its hosted services infrastructure

Dana Gardner: Don't use an ESB unless you absolutely, positively need one, Mule CTO warns

Rachel King: Japan gives the Pope a Sony HD camcorder

Dancho Danchev: Transmitter.C mobile malware spreading in the wild

Ed Bott: Windows 7 Family Pack, Anytime Upgrade prices leak

Michael Krigsman: The truth about zombie projects

ZDNet UK: Ubuntu netbook remix 'acid test' wrap-up

Jason D. O'Grady: Pandora saved from the hangman's noose

Heather Clancy: How green is your DSL? Alcatel-Lucent sez theirs is brightest green

Richard Koman: US, S. Korean websites under attack; N. Korea blamed

ZDNet UK: Android on PC gets new input

Larry Dignan: Judge puts kibosh on YouTube copyright damages dogpile

Dana Blankenhorn: Codeplex the measure of Microsoft open source street cred

Janice Chen: Sony announces HDR-CX520V and HDR-CX500V: flash memory HD camcorders with built-in GPS

Heather Clancy: Like ITIL, but for managing greenhouse emissions

Matthew Miller: Need a Facebook client for your Android device? Check out Babbler and Bloo

Phil Wainewright: Microsoft, hoist by a Chrome petard

Dan Kusnetzky: Rumors

Sam Diaz: Spammers like shortcut URLs, too. Should Twitter be worried?

Larry Dignan: Do hardware startups have a better shot at success?

Andrew Nusca: Are we falling out of love with the Dell Adamo?

Video: Remove Windows 7 or Vista from a dual-boot configuration with the Bootsect command

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