News to know: Cisco; China hacking; Netbook obit; Perlow's iPad; Google TV Search

Cisco's big announcement and some thoughts about the fate of netbooks top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

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Larry Dignan: Cisco plans to 'forever change the Internet'

Tom Foremski: China Offers To "Severely Punish" Google Attackers

Larry Dignan: Netbooks: Time to write the obit?

Jason Perlow: Why I Will Be Getting an iPad. No, Really.

Sam Diaz: Google testing TV search, setting stage for future viewing habits

Joel Evans: If the iPhone can do video calling, will AT&T's network handle the pressure?

Ryan Naraine: Researchers build 8,000-strong smartphone botnet

Doug Hanchard: U.S. removes Internet sanctions against Iran, Cuba and Sudan

Sam Diaz: Tech's Need for Speed: Companies work to stay ahead of demand

Andrew Nusca: 78% of adults believe Internet access a fundamental right; 50% want no regulation

Garett Rogers: Google's online-only phone selling model has failed

Jason D. O'Grady: Are appbooks next to exit the App Store?

David Morgenstern: Oh the horror! Why is Microsoft pushing the hated Windows Ribbon for Office:Mac?

Andrew Nusca: In bid for entrepreneurs, Dell introduces new Vostro 3000 laptops: Core i3, i5, i7; start $768

Jennifer Leggio: Allstate ensures community through collaboration

Sean Portnoy: Walmart has Dell's Inspiron One 19 all-in-one desktop on sale

Ryan Naraine: 'Highly critical' flaw found in Opera browser

Sean Portnoy: New Asus motherboard tries to unlock "hidden" cores on AMD processors

Michael Krigsman: The IT failures blame game (part 1)

Matthew Miller: AT&T looks to be detracting from the Android experience with the Backflip

Andrew Nusca: Is it possible to be allergic to cell phones? (Answer: yes)

Joel Evans: Windows Phone 7 Series shows off the future of gaming

Dennis Howlett: Testing the new rules of relationship management

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft changes algorithm behind its browser ballot

Apache bug prompts update advice

Paula Rooney: Mozilla Public License to get overhaul in 2010

Heather Clancy: Designing bad stuff out of tech isn't an easy thing to do

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft reveals its Windows Phone 7 session line-up for Mix 10

Christopher Dawson: Pixel Qi DIY netbook screen inspired by OLPC

Doug Hanchard: Retired Maj. General Robert Harding to be nominated to run TSA

Heather Clancy: Caltech claims quantum leap in solar tech

Christopher Dawson: My #1 Google Apps pipe dream: mail merge

Joe McKendrick: Enterprise mashups, the new RAD

Doug Hanchard: Apple, Facebook, Twitter, HP decline to testify re: Human Rights and Law

Sam Diaz: Cast Iron launches new platform to bridge cloud and on-site

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Energizer Bunny out to PWN your PC!

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