News to know: Clickjacking redux; SAP pricing; BlackBerry Storm; Windows 7

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ryan Naraine: Webcam hijack demo highlights clickjacking threatDancho Danchev: Atrivo/Intercage's disconnection briefly disrupts spam levelsAdobe posts workaround for clickjacking flaw, NoScript releases ClearClickDennis Howlett: Forrester fuels the SAP maintenance price hike debateBrian Sommer: Capital, Capital.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ryan Naraine: Webcam hijack demo highlights clickjacking threat

Dennis Howlett: Forrester fuels the SAP maintenance price hike debate

Ed Bott:Will Windows 7 get a new name for its release?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft PDC: Will the real cloud platform please stand up?

News.com: Government report: Data mining doesn't work well

Jason Perlow: Forget the damn Linux netbooks. Can Windows replace Windows?

Michael Krigsman: Why Agile development matters [podcast]

CIO Sessions: Visa's Michael Dreyer

Dancho Danchev: Scammers introduce ATM skimmers with built-in SMS notification

Matthew Miller: Samsung Rugby put to the extreme at the Renaissance Faire

Jason O'Grady: Apple begins shipping replacement iPhone chargers

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: How a Mac Mini can beat a quad-core Vista behemoth (or how Apple can't write good software for Windows)

Telegraph: Steve Wozniak interview: iconic co-founder on the iPod, iPhone, and future for Apple

Sam Diaz: The HP-MySpace deal: Who needs this most? Not MySpace users.

YouTube Blog: Like What You See?  Then Click-to-Buy on YouTube

Larry Dignan: Asset smart? AMD moves manufacturing off its balance sheet; Bolsters capital

Dennis Howlett: Seesmic snags Washington Post

News.com: Google launches AdSense for Games

Paul Murphy: The IT role in the mortgage meltdown

Matthew Miller: First impressions of the Dash Express connected GPS device.

Gallery (right)

TechRepublic: What to do about RFID chips in your wallet

Dana Blankenhorn: Chicken, egg and mobile open source

Dan Kusnetzky: Windows Vista Woes or helping my Grandson with homework

Mashable: Facebook Rolls Out Microsoft Live Search

Heather Clancy: Magink aims to outshine LED technology, but not outpower

BI Crystal Ball-- Next Gen BI May Be Closer Than You Think

Sean Portnoy: Future wireless networks could be powered by "smart lighting"

ReadWriteWeb: Google Drops Some Knowledge on the Financial Crisis

Richard Koman: Online, hard to avoid debate

Silicon Alley Insider: Google's Moment of Truth: Stock Hits $350

Sam Diaz: Trying to increase productivity? Send your employees home.

GigaOm: Wholesale Internet Bandwidth Prices Keep Falling

Photos: Messenger returns to Mercury

Christopher Dawson: Google is your friend

Paul Miller: Does the Semantic Web matter?

Roland Piquepaille: The invisible frontier of our solar system

Janice Chen: Remember Vivitar cameras? Here's what's in store next for the brand

Larry Dignan: Online ad revenue strong first half of 2008: What about the second half?

Jennifer Leggio: Blogger ethics, public relations... and you

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