News to know: Clusty; Supernova; Longhorn not reloaded; Linux security

Notable headlines:Life without Google: Can Clusty gain traction? Gallery (right).
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Notable headlines: Life without Google: Can Clusty gain traction?
Gallery (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Longhorn won’t be reloaded, after all.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Friday Rant - Copy protection on computer game discs.

Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux - Which is more secure? Jeff Jones report.

Open Source Initiative: Will The Real Open Source CRM Please Stand Up? Dana Blankenhorn: OSI to defend open source definition aggressively. Larry Dignan: It's not open source until the OSI says so. WSJ: Business.com Could Hit Jackpot on Auction Block.

Dell: XPS 720 Hardware Kit: What to Expect.

Ryan Naraine: Month of search engine bugs humming along.

Google boss shows off iPhone.

Photos (right): HP cameras for frugal shutterbugs.

Computerworld: Apple's Leopard beta leaks, BitTorrent downloads ensue.

Garrett Rogers: Google Translate launches dictionary.

Dan Farber@Supernova:

Verizon's fiber-optic payoff. George Ou: Intel's dry lithography squeezes out profits for 45


Miguel de Icaza: Implementing Silverlight in 21 Days.

Images: Adventures in avatarland.

Jason O'Grady: iPhone's 'Final Four' buttons. Dana Gardner: UPS uses wireless tracking via SMS to extend shipping locations to today's mobile set.

David Berlind Demo: BEA's AquaLogic Pages and IBM's QEDWiki to battle for corporate mashup crown.

Dan Kusnetzky: Novell Responds to Clarify virtual machine message.

Mary Jo Foley: Now three Linux vendors won't sign patent deals with Microsoft.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Windows Vista - Proceed with Confidence (or tread carefully?) From the 'I'm glad I'm not a Vista salesperson' files. Ed Bott: Has Dell kicked the crapware habit?

Lisa Barone: Ask.com Thinks You’re An Idiot.

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