News to know: Cosmos, a new OS; Google Apps; Cisco worries; Patches galore

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Cosmos: An open-source .Net-based microkernel OS is bornMicrosoft runs its datacenters on 'Autopilot'Dan Farber: Google launches free Team Edition of Apps.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Cosmos: An open-source .Net-based microkernel OS is born

Microsoft runs its datacenters on 'Autopilot'

Dan Farber: Google launches free Team Edition of Apps.

Larry Dignan: Cisco's second quarter in line; Sees slower growth ahead

Christopher Dawson: OLPC XOs rolled out in NYC schools

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile releases Shadow update with text entry improvements and more


Full Windows ultra portable PC for $700. Gallery (right).

BTL Podcast: The latest on Microhoo, Microsoft 'D' and more...

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 7: The best sleeve case

Putting your HDD on an 80GB diet (Redux)

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: MacBook Air SSD - Is it worth the money?

David Morgenstern: Macs and iPhones: impolitic Apple hardware can be hard to hide

Does a compelling product make you overlook the built-in DRM?

Techmeme: Fifth undersea cable cut in Middle East. Richard Stiennon: Richard Clarke on recent Mideast cable outages. Richard Koman: Four cable 'cuts' in a week: Conspiracy nuts light up the phones

Larry Dignan: Report: PC demand, chip inventory seems to be normal

Phil Wainewright: Another ERP vendor buys into middleware

Dan Farber: Workday acquires Cape Clear to deliver integration as a service. Dana Gardner: Middleware field consolidates in services direction as Workday acquires Cape Clear

Paula Rooney: Getting closer: Firefox 3 Beta 3 to be out Feb 11,

Beta 4 planned for Feb 26. SugarCRM gets Blackberry, Sun OS support

Dana Blankenhorn: Where open source is most vital

Canonical distributes Parallels via desktop update

George Ou:A dozen free & essential apps for Windows Gallery (right): Take a peek at 12 free Windows tools

Josh Taylor: Disconnect of the day: $499 iPod meets economic slowdown

Heather Clancy: Rackspace offers a unique, green way to recycle an abandoned mall

Richard Koman: C block action continues, moves into Phase 2

Dennis Howlett: Google wants to own your mobile: Not going to happen. Yet.

VentureBeat: Ask launches BigNews, buzz based news aggregator with Digg integration

Larry Dignan: Yang: No decisions made on Microsoft bid; Tells troops to stay focused

Dan Kusnetzky: Why do people deploy processing virtualization?

Choosing the right virtualization tech for your environment

U.N. report: Rich-poor digital divide still broad

ReadWriteWeb: Facebook to Punish Stupid Applications, Reward Good Ones

Ed Burnette: "First among equals" undermines community, says Linus

China defends new Web video and audio rules

Photos: Dinosaur sighting: Commodore 64

Roland Piquepaille: T-rays used to reveal old hidden art

Christopher Dawson: New study shows parents clueless, kids just as bad

Steve O'Hear: Is a recession good for the social web?

$1 million adds a letter 's' to a Net address

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