News to know: Dell; MinWin; Microsoft's Glasnost; Mozilla

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Dell: We'll save $3 billion; Cut 8,800 positionsEd Bott: Is MinWin really the new Windows 7 kernel?Jason Perlow: Microsoft Meets Open Source: Glasnost 2.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Dell: We'll save $3 billion; Cut 8,800 positions

Ed Bott: Is MinWin really the new Windows 7 kernel?

Jason Perlow: Microsoft Meets Open Source: Glasnost 2.0. Dana Blankenhorn: If the birthmark fits, Microsoft will wear it

WSJ: Microsoft Unlikely to Raise Yahoo Offer

Mary Jo Foley: Report: Mozilla enterprise browser share hits 18 percent

Paula Rooney: Still no word: ISO to announce results of OOXML vote Wednesday

Foley: OOXML vs. ODF - lessons learned

Richard Koman: 'Scandal' over Norway's vote for OOXML

Norweigan civil war: Call to recall OOXML 'yes' vote

Details emerge of 'shocking' OOXML meeting

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile announces the WiFi-enabled BlackBerry Pearl, Verizon finally gets the Curve

Richard Branson: Announcing Project Virgle

Dennis Howlett: Swarming around in HiveLive

Heather Clancy: EPA to data center operators: We want your energy stats

Rik Fairlie: New service could make your 3G phone a Wi-Fi hot spot

Photos: Road testing Wi-Fi at 200mph (right)

TechRepublic: Five reasons to centralize your IT department

Managing IT costs: Best of breed vs. "best value"

Dana Blankenhorn: Novell insists it's winning the Linux wars

Larry Dignan:

Apple's iPhone: Can it hit 45 million units by end of 2009? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Selling 45 million iPhones a year?

Silicon Alley Insider: RIM's iPhone Killer: Just Like iPhone, But Crappier Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry 9000 first impressions

David Morgenstern: What is the rate of Mac OS X Leopard adoption?

Security wrap:

Garett Rogers: Google launches Dajare in Japan

Webware: Google Docs getting offline access

Roland Piquepaille:Women's attractiveness judged by software

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: New 3D workstation graphics card from AMD: ATI FireGL V7700

Denise Howell: Sparks fly over copyright at Tech Policy Summit

Photos: Improv Everywhere's public hijinks (right)

News.com: After 38 years, a new type of memory to hit market

Dave Greenfield: The Semantic Web goes thin. Dana Gardner: WSO2 launches Web Services Framework for Spring 1.0

Robin Harris: Microsoft's storage geeks speak

Why HP is different from IBM

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #127, Thoughts and experiences with the REDFLY and HTC Shift

Christopher Dawson: A "goldmine for Intel" and a treasure trove for Ed Tech

Shell farms out IT, telecommunications to EDS, AT&T, T-Systems for $4.2 billion

Dan Kusnetsky: Citrix and NetApp Do the Virtualization Dance Together

Andrew Nusca: How to predict the weather of your cubicle via USB

Can the Apple logo make you more creative?

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