News to know: Digital media ethics; Adobe flaw; AT&T; Gamemaster interview

Notable headlines:Ed Bott: Where do you stand on digital media ethics?Ed Burnette: Interview with a Game Master.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor
Notable headlines: Ed Bott: Where do you stand on digital media ethics? Ed Burnette: Interview with a Game Master. IBM, 'Second Life' open borders for virtual worlds. Ryan Naraine: Adobe warns of critical PageMaker, Illustrator flaws Russell Shaw: AT&T tells me it will revise "damage our name" language in TOS. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft 'Oxygen' security-management platform in the works. Microsoft's Ballmer calls out Red Hat with more patent threats.
Larry Dignan @ Gartner Symposium/ITxpo: Joe McKendrick: Gartner leaves SOA off 'Top 10 technology' list, but with good reason.
Photos: A car that sets you spinning (right). Ryan Naraine: Microsoft slaps bandaid on IE, MS Word. AT&T to buy spectrum from Aloha for $2.5 billion. AT&T statement. BlackBerry faces local players, rules in China. Dan Farber: Google takes out Jaiku. Garett Rogers: Want to be bought by Google? Add "ku" to your company name. Techmeme. TechCrunch: MySpace Platform to launch next week. NASA scoops up planetary details on Jupiter flyby. David Berlind: Taking the 'Inter' out of Internet: TiVo-Rhapsody deal just another nail in the Internet's coffin? TiVo, RealNetworks in Rhapsody music deal. Russell Shaw: Skype co-founder Zennstrom implies eBay overpaid for Skype. PaidContent.org: NBCU to acquire Oxygen for $925 million.
TiVo's Comcast rollout behind schedule. Yahoo to buy 10 percent of Alibaba.com IPO shares.
Dana Blankenhorn: PrivacyPlace fisks HealthVault. The hard drive guys and open source. Photos: Home appliances of the future. Dana Gardner: Akamai counters commoditization fears by extending WAN acceleration to business, communications applications. Former HP chief Fiorina to join Fox.
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