News to know: Email leaks; AMD; HP; VMware

Notable headlines:HP's inkjet tech seeks to replace hypodermic needles. IBM prints with molecules.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

HP's inkjet tech seeks to replace hypodermic needles. IBM prints with molecules.

Ryan Naraine: Sensitive government e-mails leak through Tor exit nodes. IM worm squirming through Skype.

Dan Farber: AMD's Hector Ruiz facing down the unmentionable. David Berlind: AMD's Barcelona pitch: Contradictions that reflect gearmaker conundrum? Does 'Average CPU Power' metric have legs?

HP targets Cisco dominance with core switch.

Western Digital boosts forecast.

Photos: NASA launches new weapon against forest fires.

Rough Type: Adblock Plus: what would Jesus do? Dan Kusnetzky: DMTF Accepts New Format for Portable Virtual Machines.

VMware revs up for VMworld; launches new software. Standard coming to virtualization format. Virtualization: A feature of the hardware, not the OS?

Dan Farber: Michael Dell: Changing the economics of SMB storage. Photo (right).

Paula Rooney: IBM to give OpenOffice the Outlook e-mail killer it needs? Dave Greenfield: Why OpenOffice Needs IBM. Michael Krigsman: DHS: Inexcusable IT waste on ADVISE project. Harry Fuller: GoingGreen top company of the year.

Mary Jo Foley: Is Google Apps now a real Microsoft Office competitor? Microsoft offers its take on CapGemini-Google deal.

BBspot: Jobs Offers Apple Lisa Early Adopters Store Credit.

Russell Shaw: Reader: I was denied a $200 iPhone refund- twice. Vonage's new pricing plans: more reality distortion field.

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise software marketing: time for a rethink.

Serena's mashup exchange for business.

Dana Blankenhorn: New Eudora skin for Thunderbird sort of nifty. Today's Debate: Do RFID implants kill?

Jason O'Grady: iPhone's recessed rationale. Apple sells 1 million iPhones. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: I wouldn't waste money on unlocking an iPhone ... yet. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Live Search 2.0 gets its day in the sun. Microsoft gets its first ‘environmental evangelist’. Microsoft Search 2.0: New tabs on tap.

Review: Apple iPod Nano (third generation, 8GB, red).

Microsoft backs cricket to woo Indian employees.

Baseline: How Target.com Does Its Web 2.0 Prototypes: A Mini-Case Study.

Russell Shaw: BlackBerry 8820 now on Amazon for $199.

Heather Clancy Collins: Water, water everywhere, but every drop for cooling. Dana Gardner: Analysts 'debate' to focus on SOA management issues and outlook.

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