News to know: Father's day PC; FBI vs botnets; eBay vs. Google; Leopard vs. Vista sequel

Notable headlines:George Ou: Build the biggest bang per dollar PCs: June 2007 Edition.Microsoft signs technology pact with Linspire.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

George Ou: Build the biggest bang per dollar PCs: June 2007 Edition. Microsoft signs technology pact with Linspire.

Ryan Naraine: 'Operation Bot Roast' nets million-strong botnet operation. Exploit Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday.

Gallery: Stardock ObjectDock:

The Right Tool for the Job?

Mary Jo Foley: Leopard vs. Vista: Take two. Microsoft's next developer platform frontier: Unified communications. Microsoft study: European schools prefer Microsoft to open-source.

Larry Dignan: Report: Xeon has regained most share lost to Opteron.

Techmeme: AT&T to target pirated content.

Microsoft shares source code with AIDS researchers.

Reuters: eBay pulls U.S. ads from Google AdWords network. Google Checkout Blog: Update to our event on 6/14. TechCrunch: eBay stares down Google and wins.

Kodak boosts digital camera sensitivity.

New video-game league seeks mass appeal. Photos (right):

Gamers compete at Playboy Mansion.

Dan Kusnetzky: Vyatta - changing the world of routers, firewalls and VPNs.

Baseline: The 40 fastest growing software companies. CIOs, Auditors To Get New Software Controls Guide on July 9.

Intuit takes QuickBooks Enterprise to Linux.

Widgets matter: Now monetize them. Comscore widget report.

Computerworld: EBay pulls ads from Google's U.S. ad network.

Jason O'Grady: 'Sleep Camp' nixed, you still have to reboot.

Joe McKendrick: More heated debate on Service Component Architecture -- is it vendor lock-in?

Russell Shaw: Enterprises with multi-vendor IP telephony need single-tool management.

News.com: Happy hour with the iPhone.

Matthew Miller: GotVoice brings gives your phone an iPhone feel.

Dana Blankenhorn: WiFi is the open source technology of the decade.

Jason Calacanis: Mahalo Greenhouse Launches.

Photos (right):

Shuttle 'Atlantis' flips for damage control.

Web 2.0: New risks, new rewards. Ryan Stewart: Gnash, the open source Flash project, releases support for YouTube. Computerworld: Review: Can Microsoft's Expression Studio challenge Adobe? Marc Orchant: A cautionary Vista story - steep curves ahead.

Webware: Did Facebook underestimate its platform's success?

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