News to know: Foleo nixed; Yahoo; OOXML spin; iPod day

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: Palm cancels Foleo. Ed Colligan: A Message to Palm Customers, Partners and Developers.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: Palm cancels Foleo. Ed Colligan: A Message to Palm Customers, Partners and Developers. David Berlind: Stillborn: Palm's Foleo.

Yahoo acquires behavioral ad firm for $300 million. Statement: Yahoo buys BlueLithium. Techmeme. Larry Dignan: Should Yahoo outsource search to Google?

Mary Jo Foley: Why Microsoft deserved to lose OOXML standards vote. Dana Blankenhorn: Microsoft spins OOXML loss as a win PCs. Techmeme.

Microsoft delivers to partners only a new build of Dynamics CRM 'Titan'

'Lucky' camera boosts telescope. Images:

Taking the blur out of heavenly pictures (right).

Think Secret: Touch-screen iPod to take center stage. News.com: The iPod grows up.

David Morgenstern: Will the rumor machine ruin Apple's iPod surprise?

Countdown to Leopard: Snapshots are a good thing.

David Berlind: With ZDNet's pod-vidcasting TestBed prototype, we look at the new AJAXy AOL Mail.

Larry Dignan: AMD preps Barcelona: Who's going to sell it?

Dan Kusnetzky: Cassatt Announces Green Computing Strategy. Ryan Stewart: Silverlight 1.0 debuts and supports Linux to boot. Microsoft statement.

Dan Farber: A Bill of Rights for the social Web.

Robin Harris: Data compression you can see.

Dan Farber: Coming up: Office 2.0, Singularity, Dreamforce, TechCrunch 40, Demo.

NBC Universal lands with Amazon.

Ryan Naraine: Cache poisoning flaw is death knell for BIND 8. More Firefox URI handling security hiccups.

Garett Rogers: GDrive to be included in Google Apps? Gpay: Send money to people with SMS? David Berlind: Trademark suit against Google would have set an ugly precedent in ad business.

Larry Dignan: Microsoft exec: Zune gets a B-; Xbox profitability; Windows Mobile’s future.

MetroPCS plans to take a Leap.

Michael Krigsman: Cut them loose.

People search engine Rapleaf revises privacy policy.

Dana Blankenhorn: Should doctors e-mail patients?

Gartner: Expect an enterprise iPhone. Study: iPhone tops July smart-phone sales.

George Ou: No more distorted faces with content-aware resizing.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Quad-core PC project - Windows Experience Index. A question of hard drive capacity. Problems so far.

Students seek gear with get up and go. Gallery (right).

Valleywag: Eric Schmidt's girlfriend gets the Googler crown.

Mitch Ratcliffe: Put the lid on Quechup.

Ryan Stewart: Flash Player 9 stats released, penetration at 90%+.

Roland Piquepaille: Nanomagnetic sponges to clean artwork?

Larry Dignan: RIM: Canary in the enterprise spending coal mine?

China hosts nearly half of all malware sites

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