News to know: Google, AMD earnings; Ubuntu gallery; Web 2.0; Firefox 3

Notable headlines:Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Ubuntu 7.10 - One sweet OS.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Ubuntu 7.10 - One sweet OS. Ga

llery (right). Paula Rooney: Ubuntu 7.10 arrives, open for business. Dan Farber@Web 2.0 Summit: Gadget or Widget? It's the progammable Web. Cisco introduces ‘Entertainment operating system.' Ballmer: Microsoft will dunk on Google…eventually. All Web 2.0 Summit posts. Microsoft Popfly masher welcomes developers. Ryan Stewart: Microsoft opens up Popfly with public beta.

Radar Networks weaves semantic Twine. Read/WriteWeb: Twine: The first mainstream semantic Web app?

Larry Dignan: Google third quarter earnings strong; $700 or bust? AMD posts third quarter loss; Signs of improvement.

Dave Greenfield: Calculating the Value of Enterprise 2.0 Technologies. Joshua Greenbaum: Enterprise Software at the Crossroads: Lost Execs and Lost Ground.

Stephen Shankland: Firefox 3 to go native in appearance. Images: Future Firefox fitting in (right).

David Morgenstern: Apple's new frontier: servers for the rest of us? Christopher Dawson: Is Leopard Server just what many schools need?

Paula Rooney: IP firm sued, settled with Novell on different patent in August.

Teaching plasma to follow LCD's lead.

Roland Piquepaille: A watch to measure your stress.

U.K. retailer links poor profits to Vista sales.

Russell Shaw: With GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310, BlackBerry vs. Garmin war is forseeable. Microsoft Patent app describes multimedia note-taking for Windows Mobile devices. Review: T-Mobile Sidekick LX.

Russell Shaw: Why Big Copyright's"User Generated Content Principles" is frontal attack on Internet freedom.

Dana Gardner: Progress Software extends SOA reach with new deployment manager offering. Larry Dignan: China's cyberwar: Would it be all that surprising? Techmeme. China antipiracy battle 'will take generations'.

Matthew Miller: Run Palm applications on your S60 or UIQ device. Verizon's Samsung SCH-i760 includes a touch screen with unique keypad design. Europe edges closer to mobile phones on planes. Jason O'Grady: While we wait for Leopard. Russell Shaw: Readers, what iPhone features would you like to see developed via the forthcoming SDK? Dana Blankenhorn: What the iPhone SDK means for open source.

DARPA sees inspiration as trophy of robot race. Heather Clancy: Today's word is "hydrogasification." Harry Fuller: Green software company gets thumbs up from Big Money. Adobe sees full shift to Web in next decade. Gates still has a long to-do list.

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