News to know: Google and T-Mobile on G1; OpenWorld; SOA; Apple

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Andrew Nusca: T-Mobile G1: Specs, pricing breakdownUPDATED: T-Mobile, Google, HTC unveil G1 (with hands-on pics)Ed Burnette: Google releases Android 1.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert

and RSS daily:

Andrew Nusca: T-Mobile G1: Specs, pricing breakdown

Brian Sommer: Marketing 101 for Tech Vendors

Larry Dignan: Oracle: CRM software demand bubbly; Social networking meets enterprise data

Sybase moves to spur process modeling agility with latest PowerDesigner

TechCrunch: Ten Years Later, A “Third” Google Founder Comes Out Of The Woodwork

Beyond Binary: Windows Mobile 7 release delayed

Joe McKendrick: Good data, good SOA

Dana Gardner: Amid financial sector turmoil, combined HP-EDS solutions uniquely span public-private divideDeb Perelman: The price of a pink slip

Adam O'Donnell: Talkback Tuesday: Webmail Security

Jason Perlow: Taking a Bott beating

MacRumors: Apple Extends Non-Disclosure to App Store Rejection Letters

Zack Whittaker: Microsoft vs. Apple: the multi-touch war

Jason O'Grady: CardScan Executive for Mac

Roland Piquepaille: Using tree power to prevent forest fires?

Paul Miller: Semantic Web Gang looks at investment opportunities in semantic technology

TechCrunch: Hulu Launches All Kinds Of Stuff To Keep You Defocused On JoostHeather Clancy: Vendors plan to extend scope of recycling resource site

Dana Blankenhorn: Genius is simplicity and persistance

Andrew Nusca: Amazing 1080p HD video from Canon 5D Mark II dSLR

Richard Koman: Is Comcast plan suspect or 'reasonable'?

Sean Portnoy: Giant 32-inch wireless photo frame introduced

Dana Blankenhorn: This doctor does not want to see you now

Harry Fuller: Chilling data from the Arctic


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