News to know: Google buys PeakStream; VMware as a service; Firefox flaws

Notable headlines:Google acquires programming toolmaker PeakStream. The Register: Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Google acquires programming toolmaker PeakStream. The Register: Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy.

Dan Farber: VMware offers virtualization as a service.

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla downplays Zalewski’s Firefox flaws.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Torture test--Corsair Flash Voyager GT (left).

Nucleus Research: Oracle beats SAP among small, mid-sized enterprises.

Jason O'Grady: Apple announces new 2.2, 2.4GHz MacBook Pros. TUAW: Camino 1.5. DigiTimes: Apple a top 10 server brand.

George Ou: The death of single threaded development.

Joe McKendrick: Calling all disruptors: the perfect storm of SOA, SaaS, and open source beckons.

Ryan Stewart: Rich Enterprise Applications with Microsoft "Acropolis." Bringing public Wi-Fi to small town America.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft readies updated version of its Live Meeting conference service.

Via trots out mini notebook, motherboard. Photos: Via's little motherboards.

Computerworld: Data centers in a box: Really?

eWeek: Woz on Apple II and DIY. Wired: June 5, 1977: From a Little Apple a Mighty Industry Grows.

Politicos threaten schools over campus piracy.

AP: Amazon Rises After Online Retailer Says It Will Invest More in Chinese Operations.

Matthew Miller: Hands-on video and first impressions of the HTC Touch.

eBay bans ivory auctions.

Photos: Teams tune up for Urban Challenge.

Computerworld: Best Buy must prove RFID benefits to consumers, says CIO.

MIT: Brain uses both neural 'teacher' and 'tinkerer' in learning.

George Ou: Intel releases new 10.0 compiler.Photos: Teams tune up for Urban Challenge.

Techmeme: Movable Type 4 Beta.

Russell Shaw: Screen shots of Verizon FiOS programming guide.

Larry Dignan: I'm getting separated

from Google. Screenshots: Ask.com's new search.

Robin Harris: Windows v.next: less lame than ever.

Dana Blankenhorn: Xandros deal is Microsoft water torture strategy.

Marc Orchant: Big day for browser releases.

David Grober: Will the real Mike Cox please stand up?

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