News to know: Google-China; iPad countdown; Palm

Google's China exit, an iPad countdown and a new week for Palm are the themes of the day. You can get the day’s rolling posts via Twitter, RSS, or email.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Google's China exit, an iPad countdown and a new week for Palm are the themes of the day. You can get the day’s rolling postsvia Twitter,RSS, oremail.

Among the key themes for Monday, March 22, 2010:

There seems to be a general agreement that the end is near for Google in China. Some have even put a date on for Google's exit, though the sourcing there is still too shaky for my tastes. Ed Burnette, however, isn't quite giving up hope, noting the reasons that Google should stick around. There are plenty of loopholes for Google before it can make an official exit, so we can't expect that to happen overnight.

iPad Countdown. In the final two weeks before its arrival, there are plenty of folks asking: Will it be a hit or a flop? It's nice, Christopher Dawson says, but not for schools - yet. Jason Perlow also has his concerns, too, largely with Apple's role as the moral gatekeeper of the apps for the iPhone and, presumably, the iPad. Oliver Marks notes that iPhone owners in areas where the service is less than ideal may not like having to share their AT&T 3G connections.

If any company out there needs a fresh start to the week, it's Palm. You'll recall that the third quarter earnings report was a nightmare and the outlook for the fourth quarter was even worse. Larry Dignan examines what sent Palm from the penthouse to the outhouse since being crowned the Queen of the Ball at CES 2009.  ahead, Palm has got to get out of a vicious cycle - and fast.

Two tidbits worth noting about Microsoft and its business customers from Mary Jo Foley's All About Microsoft blog: The company is running a private test of "OfficeTalk," a Twitter copycat targeted at business customers. There's also headlines on the storage front: existing SQL Azure customers will be given access to the SQL Azure 50 GB preview on a request basis and the size of Exchange Online default mailboxes have increased from 5 GB to 25 GB.


There's no place like Silicon Valley. But if you're a startup in the "content" business, being in the Los Angeles region has its upside. Tom Foremski peeks at spots up and down the western United States  coast - from SoCal up beyond the Canadian border.

Put on your special protective specs. Today's photo gallery showcase is "20 cell phones with highest radiation levels"

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