News to know: Google-China; SXSW; iPad; Universal-Comcast; XBox 360

Google's showdown in China and coverage from South by Southwest top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News to Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Christopher Dawson: Google pullout from China imminent

Andrew Mager at SXSW:

Christopher Dawson: SXSW keynoter bashes Google Buzz in privacy talk

Larry Dignan: The Apple iPad leap of faith

Doug Hanchard: FCC, Comcast, others testify before Congress: NBC Universal-Comcast merger

Rachel King: Xbox 360 tops monthly US sales chart for first time in two years

Doug Hanchard: Cisco's timing announcing the CRS-3 was, shall we say, "well planned"

Sam Diaz: Nvidia launches anti-Intel Web site

Andrew Nusca: Motorola Cliq XT review: Pocket-friendly, but occasionally plodding

Doug Hanchard: Press Secretary: "Twitter is a quick medium" - acknowledges that there are other "Robert Gibbs - some are humorous"

Zack Whittaker: University's TiVo service: Student on-demand heaven

Sean Portnoy: New CableCard tuner lets your Windows 7 Media PC record four HD shows simultaneously

Ryan Naraine: The cadence of Microsoft security patches

Heather Clancy: Solar-charge your iPhone

Tom Foremski: Analysis: Google losing China - world's largest Internet market

Oliver Marks: Baidu: Check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...

Joe McKendrick: How service orienting systems could help prevent next financial meltdown

Matthew Miller: WA State passes bill to make texting and talking primary offense

Garett Rogers: Visually browsing newspapers in Google News Archive

Doug Hanchard: FBI releases 2009 Annual report on Cybercrime

Sean Portnoy: Origin PC offers Core i7-980X Extreme CPU overclocked to 4.3GHz for its gaming desktops

Paul Murphy: Puzzles, Abuse, and average users

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft set to launch beta of Silverlight for Symbian

Sam Diaz: Apple's Cook gets $5 million, stock for performance as CEO

Ed Bott: IE9 and MIX10: six big questions for Microsoft

Doug Hanchard: European Parliament notice to ACTA negotiators: Open up discussion and be transparent to the public

Matthew Miller: MobileTechRoundup show #200; Apple iPads are pre-ordered and MoTR goes live

Andrew Nusca: The Great Recession, and why IT can't save the world

Tom Foremski: Google will have to rethink its acquisition strategy

Ryan Naraine: Can Apple Safari avoid another Pwn2Own embarrassment?

Sam Diaz: Google to release noise volume controls for Buzz

Doug Hanchard: British military leases new network satellite

Joe McKendrick: Something to ponder: SOA supports military space program

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple patches Safari vulnerabilities ahead of Pwn2Own

Doug Hanchard: FBI's past and future use of biometric technology

CNET: Obama lines up with copyright owners

Matthew Miller: palmsolo appears on PalmCast Episode 99

Michael Krigsman: IT failure: 'Evil is the cure for incompetence'

Rachel King: Sony ultra-compact concept camera promises 'DSLR quality' and full HD video

Heather Clancy: Super-efficient technology from Supermicro

Andrew Nusca: Foursquare lands Starbucks as partner; geolocation meets lattes

Doug Hanchard: Sec. Clinton releases global Human Rights Report: China and Iran Internet Freedom highlighted

Dana Gardner: Virtual conference speakers focus on cloud, value to enterprises, how to get started

Jason D. O'Grady: Gallery: the iPad pre-order process (updated)\

Dana Blankenhorn: HIMSS shows how policy drives industry

Ed Burnette: How to use Multi-touch in Android 2: Part 5, Implementing the Drag Gesture

CNET: Why no one cares about privacy anymore

Doug Hanchard: Special Report: F-35 Fighter Lightning II to be delayed to 2015/16 - Lightning does strike twice.

Dana Blankenhorn: Webmink returned to the wild

Zack Whittaker: Top 100 sites in 2010: Search giants, shopping, Facebook and a bit of porn

Dan Kusnetzky: Cloudshare Pro - Business Person's Cloud?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Do you want to upgrade to Firefox 3.6 now?

John Morris: More details on Intel's six-core Gulftown chip

Rachel King: iRes Technology debuts wearable, hands-free uCorder; records 7 hours video on internal storage

TR Dojo: Detect and remove malware with these tools

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