News to know: Google China; VMWare-Zimbra; Nexus One; IT spending; Google Docs

Google's threat against China and VMWare's acquisition of Zimbra top today's headlines.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Sam Diaz: Google puts data security first; threatens China pullout, stops censoring results

Larry Dignan: VMware on the Zimbra purchase: A building block for cloud lineup

Rachel King: Google imposes additional early termination fee on Nexus One

Matthew Miller: Buying the Nexus One unlocked is probably the best choice

Larry Dignan: Forrester: IT spending in U.S. to jump 6.6 percent in 2010; Will the optimism stick?

Sam Diaz: Google Docs expanding to add file storage

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Will 3D make you go to the movies more?

CNET: AP tangles with Google News

Dan Kusnetzky: Replies from AT&T employees. Loyalty and pride still exist.

Matthew Miller: Zune HD to get Smart DJ, new video codec support, Facebook in early 2010

Sam Diaz: Former Apple exec joins Elevation Partners

Andrew Nusca: Lenovo Lephone Android smartphone revealed; innovative swirl keyboard

Harry Fuller: Ford owns Detroit where small is big

Larry Dignan: Apple gives exec team sans Job raises

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft adds new health-search capabilities to Bing

Ryan Naraine: MS Patch Tuesday: Another critical font engine vulnerability

Rachel King: Ford Focus 2011 will roll out with MyFord Touch installed

Doug Hanchard: Canada's Privacy Commissioner offers some advice: Google yourself twice a day...

Christopher Dawson: 1 more reason to use Google Edu Apps: Storage of any file type

Rich Harris: Social media & B2B: Interactions are opportunities

Rachel King: Fourth-Gen Apple iPhone available this April?

Ryan Naraine: Attention Windows XP users: Update Flash Player now

Dancho Danchev: Baidu DNS records hijacked by Iranian Cyber Army

CNET: Comment on Facebook through e-mail

Christopher Dawson: Indiana charter schools save big with virtualization

Ed Bott: 94 more secret Windows shortcuts

Sean Portnoy: New company promises breakthrough laser-based display technology to crush all HDTVs

Heather Clancy: Sentilla posts white paper about data center cooling trends of the future

Rachel King: Casio debuts EX-10HG digital camera prototype with built-in GPS

Andrew Nusca: In wake of Circuit City's demise, Best Buy rivals gain share

Rachel King: T-Mobile dropping HotSpot@Home VOIP service

Dana Gardner: Is Google the best candidate to create a good, customer-focused cloud banking service portfolio?

Doug Hanchard: Hugo Chavez policies continue financial upheaval. Will Twitter influence Venezuela's direction?

Dana Blankenhorn: Acquia seeks an Obama bounce

Ed Burnette: Android 2.1 (Eclair MR1) SDK is out

Harry Fuller: Google Ventures to grow: more cleantech cash?

Dana Blankenhorn: How much salt is too much?

Rachel King: Zune HD shipping with XviD support, Smart DJ this spring

Paula Rooney: Jaspersoft 3.7 reaches high into enterprise, and Oracle's backyard

Heather Clancy: Illustrated guide to 7 REALLY green data centers

Rachel King: Cylindrical Nokia phone powered by Coca-Cola

CNET: Windows phone date bug appears limited

Dennis Howlett: Forecasting Fisticuffs: predicting the cloud in 2010

Rachel King: Mouse Computer Lm-mini20 unveiled with Intel Atom 230, NVIDIA ION graphics

Larry Dignan: TR Dojo: Delete Flash cookies to protect online privacy

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