News to know: Google's Facebook killer; HD DVD price war; Ellison's lockbox

Notable headlines:Dan Farber: Google's OpenSocial: What it means. Garett Rogers: Google's OpenSocial platform is great!
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dan Farber: Google's OpenSocial: What it means. Garett Rogers: Google's OpenSocial platform is great! Techmeme. Dion Hinchcliffe: Significant workplace inroads for Enterprise 2.0?

CIO Sessions: BT’s JP Rangaswami. George Ou: HD DVD price war begins at $198, $170 on Black Friday. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Blu-ray BD+ copy protection defeated?

Photos: Rolling with a three-wheeler (right).

Larry Dignan: Ellison puts NetSuite shares in ‘lockbox.’

David Berlind: More evidence of why Microsoft, AOL, Google, and Yahoo must work together on spam.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft decouples SharePoint Services from Windows Server 2008. Microsoft talks SOA futures but not dates. Microsoft upgrades adCenter; kicks off ad-analytics beta.

WSJ: Google in talks with Verizon, Sprint Reuters: Cerberus pulls ACS deal. Microsoft: Xbox 360 IPTV still coming--eventually. Ad Age: Privacy groups propose do not track list.

Ryan Naraine: Researchers pooh-pooh Mac OS X Leopard security. David Berlind: Apple, hackenomics, and the waning anonymity (and obsoletion) of cash. David Morgen

stern: Leopard's installer: The case of the disappearing volumes. Apple: 2 million copies of Leopard sold. Jason O'Grady: 5 apps I can’t live without in Leopard.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Time Machine - Part II: Going back in time with Time Machine. Gallery (right).

Paula Rooney: Google phone, Motorola Razr2 will finally catapult role of open source, Linux in mobile market.

Dana Blankenhorn: Fred Trotter's HealthVault expose. A second open source competitor in health IT.

VentureBeat: Cookie tracking: How Facebook could be worth $100 billion?

Garett Rogers: Third-party themes for iGoogle coming soon?

Larry Dignan: The Industry Standard: It’s coming back. Content M&A: Credit crunch crimps landscape. The Future of Business Media: I'm toast; Web ad ROI.

Russell Shaw: Live Blogging Von Fall 2007: Triple-play service providers reflect on business models. Sending out an SOS to BlackBerry SMS: messages bottled. Intel mobile CTO: Menlow platform to improve mobile device performance. BBC: PC stripper helps spam to spread. Trouble on horizon for 'white-box' PC makers.

Gallery (right).

David Berlind: The Carr-to-Rangaswami connection: Time to bleep the CIO?

New York Magazine: Web Bubble 2.0. Best Buy targets online video sharing.

HP launches key-management appliance.

Restated results cut Dell income by $92 million.

Intel, Microsoft sell 150,000 laptops to Libya.

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