News to know: Google's virtual worlds; Amazon S3; Forsee out; Aviary

Notable headlines:Google tools to power virtual worlds. Gallery (right).
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Google tools to power virtual worlds.

Gallery (right).

ReadWriteWeb: Here Comes the Money: YouTube Videos Coming to AdSense. Google: Introducing video units. Amazon S3 gets service level agreement.

Larry Dignan: Forsee out at Sprint. Russell Shaw: Foreseen: Forsee out at Sprint. But will they learn from these mistakes under his watch?

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Home Server team readies next 'UR1' release. Danny Thorpe quits the Windows Live development team.

Ryan Stewart: In-depth review of the Aviary design platform. Gallery at right.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: LCD panels and dead/stuck pixels. George Ou: OLPC is the PC you can't ever criticize.

David Morgenstern: The low-cost laptop that Appl

e should have built (and sort-of once did). Garett Rogers: GPhone is an OS aimed at Windows Mobile. Photos: Fine-art photography from the microscope (right).

Dan Farber: Graphing social patterns: The intersection of search and social. Graphing social patterns with Linkedin's Reid Hoffman. Ryan Naraine: McAfee snaps up SafeBoot for $350 million. Leftovers: Solaris workaround, Patch Tuesday.

Coding Horror: YouTube: The Big Copyright Lie.

David Berlind: Gates in '04 said 'spam soon to be thing of past' and me on Charlie Rose about the real solution. Carm from Sandisk ups ante; will shave her head too if Microsoft's Zune makes it to #2.

Roland Piquepaille: GPS accuracy for a robotic neurosurgeon.

TUAW: Preliminary iPhone 1.1.1 jailbreak.

Larry Dignan: Yahoo's 100-day review: A lot of cards shown already.

IBM ploughs deeper into small-business market.

Jason O'Grady: Add/edit calendars coming to iPod touch?

Can Seagate steer hybrid-drive market?

CRN: Ballmer: Google reads your mail.

Dolby stakes its claim in 3D movie tech. Photos: The technology behind 3D movies (right).

From blue collar to green chemistry.

Russell Shaw: Is iPhone helping Apple lose its soul? Re Vonage-Sprint: so what, exactly, does "productive future relationship" mean? Larry Dignan: Vonage and Sprint settle patent dispute; Is Verizon next?

Joshua Greenbaum: Why Did SAP buy Business Objects? Dennis Howlett: Combining SAP and BusinessObjects. Michael Krigsman: Los Angeles school district SAP implementation still broken.

Matthew Miller: Hands-on video of 4 new devices from Verizon Wireless.

Dave Greenfield: How Facebook Improves Productivity.

Google shares cross $600 threshold for first time.

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