News to know: HP; Google; IE 7 zero day flaw; Office; Drobo

HP earnings, Google, a critical IE 7 flaw, Office Starter 2010 and Drobo are today's headliners.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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Andrew Nusca: Holiday Gift Guide 2009: Best Bluetooth headsets

Sam Diaz: HP reports Q4; raises outlook for 2010

Larry Dignan: Analyst: News Corp.'s Google saber rattling really about MySpace

Ryan Naraine: Exploit published for critical IE 7 zero-day flaw

Opera patches 'extremely severe' security hole

Matthew Miller: Windows Mobile is better than you think

Joe McKendrick: SOA Manifesto: Manes explains manifesto's aims

Doug Hanchard: Internet: A threat to government or the other way around? (Part 4)

Mary Jo Foley: Office Starter 2010: The fine print on Microsoft's Works replacement

Andrew Nusca: AT&T, Apple to Verizon: 'Can your phone and your network do that?'

Android 1.6 officially receives Google Maps Navigation

Data Robotics debuts enterprise-ready DroboElite, five-bay Drobo S

Larry Dignan: LinkedIn's platform debut: Late but important

Dennis Howlett: Fawning over Chatter and how SAP missed its chance

Bloomberg: GE Said to Lean Toward IPO of Vivendi's 20% Stake in NBC Universal Unit

Sam Diaz: Apple's Schiller defends app approval process; misses the point

Top-rated reviews of the week (photos)

Joe McKendrick: Cyber Monday approaches -- should companies clamp down on employee online shopping?

Matthew Miller: Did HTC address Windows Mobile 6.5's initial shortcomings?

Rachel King: LG and AT&T join forces on X120 netbook

Paul Greenberg: Chatting (Not Chattering) About Salesforce - Part I

Paid Content: MSNBC.com Taking Over @BreakingNews Twitter Feed; Signs On As BNO News' First Client

Michael Krigsman: Social computing and the enterprise, part one

T-Mobile Tap photos

Christopher Dawson: Falling behind in science? No kidding!

Is your culture getting in the way of your IT success?

Jason Perlow: Hands on with new Roku Channel Store; is cable TV still worth the cost?

Jennifer Leggio: Quick'n'Dirty episode 23: TripIt and Twitter lists top talk

Large Hadron Collider back in operation

Heather Clancy: Video: Adura commercial lighting technology saves on power costs

Zack Whittaker: Let's get rid of usernames and passwords for good

Chrome OS: More questions than answers?

Brainstorm Tech: Does AT&T turn into a pumpkin in June?

Dana Blankenhorn: Google goes all-in with an open source cloud

The medical home is reform without objections, so far

Dan Kusnetzky: Microsoft Windows Azure and SQL Azure

Bloomberg: Zynga May Be Valued at $1 Billion on Facebook Craze

Andrew Nusca: AOL ditches the triangle; previews new brand identity, logos

Is Wikipedia maxed out?

Diaz: Meet Pearltrees: Bookmarks with a social twist

Beware business cloud dangers, says EU agency

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