News to know: HTC Shift; Airport firmware; Microsoft mesh; Novell; VoIP

Notable headlines:David Morgenstern: Apple's security update breaks printer drivers, Instant Hijack componentAirport firmware update enables AirDisk backupsMary Jo Foley: Whatever happened to Microsoft's 'other' mesh projects?Paula Rooney: Novell's SUSE Linux 11 to come in appliance, embedded, real-time editionsDennis Howlett: The end of software...

Notable headlines:

David Morgenstern: Apple's security update breaks printer drivers, Instant Hijack component

Airport firmware update enables AirDisk backups

Mary Jo Foley: Whatever happened to Microsoft's 'other' mesh projects?

Paula Rooney: Novell's SUSE Linux 11 to come in appliance, embedded, real-time editions

Dennis Howlett: The end of software...

George Ou: The cheapest way to do VoIP is still analog

Fraunhofer IIS shows audio technology at VON.x 2008

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Safari 3.1 is fast ... but so is Firefox 3.0 Beta 4

SlySoft cracks Blu-ray BD+ encryption

Larry Dignan: Adobe clarifies CEO's iPhone Flash comments

Computerworld: A storage technology that breaks Moore's Law Verizon Wireless opens network

John Morris: Dell's tablet, take two

Jason Hiner: IT departments brace for more Web video during Mar

ch Madness 2008

Matthew Miller: The long awaited HTC Shift is now coming to you from Sprint, 140+ hands-on photos. Gallery (right). A closer look at the HTC Shift from Sprint

Ryan Stewart: SlideRocket - the king of presentation applications - raises $2 million in funding

Adobe now offering protected content in Flash

Dell: Recent Opinion on SSD Failure Rates Fails to Include the Facts

Dana Blankenhorn: New business models for medical device makers

Choke points in open source

The sum of Google's fears

Paul Miller: TextWise offers $1million for an American semantic hack

Tom Foremski: Have we misinterpreted the business value of the long tail?

Heather Clancy: Making a fantasy team sport out of going green Harry Fuller: Tap Water: Solution to Dirty Hands, High Drug Prices and Political Correctness

TechRepublic: The Osborne 1 is now in a Cracked Open Photo Gallery

Matthew Miller: Can the REDFLY Windows Mobile Sm

artphone Companion succeed where the Foleo couldn't? Gallery right.

Dana Gardner: Sybase releases iPhone enterprise email solution

SpringSource releases cool tool suite based on Eclipse Mylyn

Best Buy gives poor HD-DVD buyers some gift card balm

F-Secure warns of critical vulnerabilities

Subscription iTunes? It can't come soon enough

Wired: How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong

Jason Perlow: Arthur C. Clarke: All These Worlds Are Yours

Dan Kusnetzky: Brainshare: Novell is better than its marketing

VentureBeat: Ad network Federated Media close to raising $30M round, valued at $200M

Ding dong: 3Com, Bain, Huawei deal is dead

Roland Piquepaille: Robots fly over Antarctica

Photos: iPod flies high with space shuttle

TechCrunch: More Bloggers Raising Money. Here Come The Politics. And Here Comes My Rant. Techmeme.


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